New S4C learners' newsletter

Would you like to hear from me about upcoming programmes on S4C every month (along with a few hints and tips and a bit of vocabulary)? If so, please sign up for the new S4C Learners’ Newsletter, which I’m going to be writing and sending out every month :slight_smile: You can do that here: Mailchimp Survey

And the newsletter links through to the new website we’ve just put up (it’s the same link as the old website, but I’ve completely rewritten the content): Dysgu Cymraeg | S4C

I’m hoping the website will be able to grow and develop as I think of new things that could be helpful and/or have more content to share.

@CatrinLliarJones Could this be something for your newsletter?


Absolutely Sara! Diolch! :slight_smile:

Brilliant idea by the way! :star2:

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Diolch! And do shout if you think of something we need to add/build in as we go along. I’m getting lots of great ideas from the lovely generous people on this forum :grin:

That would be nice, Sara.
Gotta say its great that you are on here, in your new(ish) role.

Also not sure why why I am “Mr” :smiley: Although I quite like it as it reflects my age.
I think I am on here twice with different email addresses.

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Thank you so much for this, Sara. I got so far through level 1 and then stopped, but I’ve started my learning again and it had never occurred to me (duh) that I could watch programmes in Welsh with the subtitles before I could understand what they were about. For some reason, I always associated Welsh TV with soap operas (probably because I remember the landlady at the B&B we stayed in when I was little watching them), and didn’t have the time or inclination to try to follow along so maybe that had something to do with it. I’ve just watched the loveliest programme about following the rivers along the Llyn Peninsula and even though I needed the subtitles and didn’t understand most of the Welsh, I did recognise the odd word and some of the places too - and hopefully the more I do it, the more I will understand. I don’t know why I thought that I could only watch Welsh TV when I could actually speak Welsh - you’ve opened a door for me to build on the lessons and enjoy learning Welsh even when I don’t think I’m actively doing so :grinning:


Thank you for this, Mr John! (I think it makes you seem very distinguished…)

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Oh, Christine - this means so much to me! Really, diolch o galon for sharing these thoughts - it’s such a boost to me to know that it’s making a difference :heart:


From a quick look it seems much more helpful! Well done @sara-peacock-1 and team! :wink:

Just one thing I noticed, being one of the questions from other learners that I answered more often myself around the web :sweat_smile:

At first I hadn’t noticed that in the page there was the essential information about the differences among being in Wales, UK and abroad (which is one thing a lot of people - including myself at first - wants to find on the site).
Then I realized there is some information embedded in this paragraph but I believe it would be more effective to have clear boxes like:
In Wales: (options A, B, C, D)
in the UK (options A,B,C)
Rest of the World (options A, B)
What do you think?

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Thanks @gisella-albertini for offering this helpful and constructive feedback. I’ll go away to look at what I can do to make it clearer, without making it too repetitive.

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@christine-perry would you be able to give me the name of the programme about the rivers of the Llyn peninsula? It sounds wonderful.

I think it was probably Arfordir Cymru: Llŷn that Christine was watching: Clic

(Do shout if I’ve got that wrong, though, @christine-perry !)

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Yes, that’s right! Sorry, I didn’t see your message earlier, @ruth-22. Definitely worth watching!

Also, I thought the newsletter that came out this week was fab, Sara, thank you! :grinning: