New S4C app for Android

S4C has just launched its Android app that allows you to watch S4C programmes on your mobile device. I’m not sure if there’s an iOS vesion.


We’ve had one on iOS for a couple of years now! It was called ‘S4C clic’, but as of today, the app is just called ‘S4C’.

Yay, finally :smiley: Been waiting on this for ages


No Chromecast option, I notice. You’ll have to use the iPlayer for that.

I hope S4C forgot geo restrictions somewhere in the coding. - hehe :slight_smile:

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This looks good if I can get it to work, but when I click on a programme it goes to a black screen with a loading symbol then after a few seconds goes back to the previous screen and doesn’t load - not sure if it’s a problem with my phone or the app.

Interestingly S4C just got advertised on Midlands Today just now! they were reporting from the Royal Welsh Show (which they cover as I think it is now the main show for Midland farmers since the Royal Show in Warwickshire closed down). They interviewed one of the judges of Fferm Ffactor and told us we could view it and updates from the Royal Welsh show on S4C in the Midlands on Satellite and cable! (17.50 minutes in where you can also learn a phrase in Welsh which may be a challenge to get in to a conversation :smile: )


So happy S4C have released an Android app. It means I can finally watch Y Newyddion (sad, I know). For some reason, the iPlayer doesn’t show it, even though it’s made by the BBC. :slight_smile:

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