New Northern Level 3, Challenge 4 Question

Hi all:

Perhaps someone has already asked/answered this question, but I couldn’t find it using the forum search. I’m just redoing the new Northern Level 3, Challenge 4, and I came across something that confused me the first time around, too. Perhaps someone can explain this to me, please?

Several times in that challenge, we have to translate the sentence: “How high do you want to climb before you go?” and the answer is always given as “Pa mor uchel wyt TI isio dringo cyn i CHI fynd?”

What I’m wondering is why we switch from “ti” to “chi” within that same sentence? Wouldn’t we normally stick with whatever we started with? e.g. “How high do you (singular, informal) want to climb before you (singular, informal) go?” OR “How high do you (plural or formal) want to climb before you (plural or formal) go?”

Just trying to get my head around it. :slight_smile:


It’s a valid scenario e.g. a family on holiday in Africa, when the local guide whilst chatting to the adventurous family patriarch says:
How high do you (the father i.e. singular) want to climb Mount Kilimanjaro before you (the whole family i.e. plural) go home?


Oce, chwarae teg! Diolch yn fawr, @jamesmahoney! (OK, fair enough! Thanks very much!) :slight_smile:

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In practical terms, because those were the different bits that the algorithm was telling us to revisit…:wink:

As to why we let it through - what James said… :slight_smile:


Naughty! :grinning: