New Level 1 sessions - 20, 21, 22 (northern)

Thanks to the remarkable team over on Breeze (and in particular Patricia, Brigitte, Huw and Jeff!), we’ve got another three new challenges for the northern version of Level 1.

I hope you enjoy them…:slight_smile:

Can we have some Southern please? :slight_smile:

Will there be any “cheat sheets” for the new lessons? I only email in Welsh to a friend in the UK so I need to know how to spell what I’m learning. Thanks!

Stu has done from 1 to 4 here -

Keep them coming Stu :slight_smile: diolch.

PM me for a PDF if you need one :slight_smile:


The southern version is currently up to 05, but sorry, we’re respectfully not committing to any time lines on that because it’s coming out at the moment despite Cat being in chronic daily pain due to Cauda Equina syndrome.

Lots of southern learners who’ve tried the extra material à la northern in the interim have found it an interesting process, though…:slight_smile:

Ok, diolch Aran. I’ve just come back to SSIW after a lengthy break ( work, babies etc!) and didn’t realise Cat had health issues. Hope things work out well for her .
I made it to about lesson 15 of course 2 first time around and am in revision mode at the moment. Am loving the new course and may well try the northern version. I teach guitar in 2 Welsh medium schools and a lot of the Cymraeg they use seems nearer to the northern, despite being in Barry. This acts as a slight barrier when trying to practice with them.

No worries, understood - in fact, it’s a good heads up that we probably ought to have a note to that effect on the latest southern lesson page itself…:slight_smile:

If you’ve got the guts to practise your Welsh with teenagers, you’re definitely set for success - you won’t find a more honest set of feedback anywhere! It might well be interesting testing out the northern material - I’d be really interested in hearing how that goes for you if you give it a shot…:slight_smile:

[Note to self: I really must find a guitar teacher closer than Barry one of these days!]

Thank you for the new Challenges. I was doing the Southern course but sort of petered out last summer when things got a bit busy and I lost motivation. I was looking for something to get me inspired again so tried the northern one as we were spending a couple of days in Llandudno. As it happened I hardly heard any Welsh and the only two locals we spoke to weren’t Welsh! I have now got to Challenge 17 and really feel I may be making progress - the dog understands me perfectly - I can show off and ask her Pwy syn dod? and she goes running off to look, and Amser te or Amser cinio and she goes back in her kennel!
I know that now I really must speak to real people even though I know I never understand anything when they are speaking to me only when they are speaking to somebody else.
I do manage to listen to Radio Cymru more now because I have finally managed to tune the radio through the internet in the kitchen (I can never master the TV - I watch S4C on the laptop).
Anyway, thanks again for the extra challenges - I promise to put them to proper use!

As Iestyn is fond of saying, Teresa, it doesn’t matter how many times you stop, as long as you start again…:slight_smile: And if you’re without shouting distance of the end of Course 1, you’ve done excellently, and you definitely will get a huge amount of benefit out of starting to use your Welsh as much as possible…:slight_smile:

I can vouch for the unintended stop-start approach. Sometimes life just gets in the way and you end up not doing any lessons for a while, but one soon gets back into it!

Hmm… Just tried to add them to the ones I have on my tablet and didn’t get anything new. It could have something to do with the fact that our web connection is really slow right now (large thing taking up all the bandwidth …) but I wondered if I needed to do something else? (I’m enjoying seeing what is different in the new “challenges.”)

but I wondered if I needed to do something else?

Not as far as I know - if you’re able to navigate into the ‘Level 1 (new)’ section and see the lessons, those should be new for you. When you say you ‘didn’t get anything new’, what exactly does that mean? (I’m not very familiar with how tablets work!).

Helo pawb,

I’ve just finished course 3 southern. A lot of people on here talking about the new course. Can someone sum up what the new code is about? Is it worth me doing? Is there new material or justa new method of teaching the first course?

Will there eventually be vocabs after course 3? Or even a course 4 :smiley:


I have also finished course 3 and I can vouch for the benefits of doing the course 1 challenges. The words and patterns are familiar but with a fresh new twist.

Thanks gerryf, will have a go at them

Aran: When you say you ‘didn’t get anything new’, what exactly does that mean? (I’m not very familiar with how tablets work!).

Sorry, Aran - haven’t been on much this week … I use the android app (which I love) to do lessons on my tablet, so rather than going to the website, I simply play the ones that have loaded to my tablet via the app. However, when I last tried to sync the app to get the newest lessons nothing new appeared. I just tried again, and the new lessons (through #22) have now appeared. Thanks!