New learner saying hello


After doing the 5 free lessons, I have just signed up for the 6 minutes a day Welsh speaker course, and am looking forward to Monday’s lesson. I don’t usually join forums, but I can see how speaking with other language learners makes total sense! And this forum seems very friendly.

I have a Welsh mother and spoke Welsh as a child, but lost most of the language after migrating to Australia age 5. Now my mother has dementia and is speaking more and more Welsh. So I can understand her better and continue speaking with her, dwi dysgu siarad Cymraeg! I’ve wanted to relearn speaking Welsh for a long long time, but now it’s become urgent. I look forward to learning from other in this forum, and hopefully getting to know a few more Welsh speakers.



Croeso/Welcome, Caroline. I am sure that you will relearn your language very quickly. There are a good number of Australian members on the forum.

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Hi Cassie​:slightly_smiling_face: I’ve just signed up for the 6 minutes course this afternoon too. I can’t wait until Monday. I want to get going as soon as I can. :slightly_smiling_face:

Can someone tell me why my page isdark/ unlit. I’ve tried tapping around all over. Do I need to come out of something ? Thanks in advance

Sorted, no need🙂

Shwmae! Joe ydw I. Dw i’n dod o Sir Benfro, ond dw i’n byw yn Cornwall nawr. Dw I’n moyn ddysgu siarad Cymraeg i siarad gyda frindiau a teulu yn Nhgymru. Diolch.


Hello Joe,

Welcome to the forum. Good luck with your learning down in Kernow.


Thanks/Diolch, John! I am enjoying it so far. I’ll have to seek out the Australians, see if there are any near me. C


Hello lovely people, I’ve just signed up for the 6-min course, I’m very excited about it!

I’ve already said hello here, after doing the 1-sentence challenge, but that may have been the wrong thread? At least, the link to this one here was in the email I received after booking, so hello again! :slight_smile:


Hello Susanne and good luck with the course.


I am in the same boat ! Level 1 challenge 15 but not sure how to use the forum . How did you resolve this?

@tessagreen & @mignon - I’m not on the course, so I don’t receive the emails with instructions but I do use the forum a lot. Hopefully someone else who has done this bit will jump in to help, but in the meantime, if you tell me what you’re being asked to do, perhaps I can help you with finding your way around.

Thankyou! I am asked to say why I have started learning Welsh and what I hope to acheive. It is probably obvious but I can only see how to reply to messages not to how to post them on the forum.

Ah, ok. There is a thread on the forum called “I want to be a Welsh speaker because…” where you can post your answer - you can just press the blue ‘reply’ button to add your post to it (just as you’ve done here on this thread). Here is a short cut to it to save you looking 'I want to be a Welsh speaker because...'

If you ever want to start a brand new thread, from the forum main page, click on the grey “+ new topic” box near the top right corner. It’s a pretty big forum by now though, and many, many topics have an existing thread that might help (and save you having to ask again!) - if you click on the magnifying glass in the top banner, that will give you an option to search the forum.

Don’t worry, it takes a while to get used to, and no-one expects you to read every single thread or post :wink: but the more you browse, the more handy bits you’ll come across, but wherever you ask something, someone will usually find it! :slight_smile:


Caroline dw i, dwi’n newydd yma :smiley:

I’m excited to start learning Welsh, but a little nervous too.

Dwi’n dod o’r Alban, so I hope my accent doesn’t get in the way…

Pob hwyl


Hi Caroline. Your accent should help actually. Just get used to the stress sound being on the second last syllable normally and it moves when you add an extra syllable at the end of a word :slight_smile:


Good to hear that about the accent. I might stress about stress tho!
Diolch yn fawr :slightly_smiling_face:

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Noswaith dda and Hi everyone, I’ve just signed up for the 6 min a day course after looking on the website and into this friendly forum. I am living in the northwestern part of Germany. I decided to learn Welsh after holidaying around in Wales in 2018, falling in love with the places, the vast und fascinating nature and the friendly people. Meanwhile I began with Duolingo Welsh and now with this adventurous journey ssiw. I am retired now. Therefore I have much more time for my interests than in the past. My special interests are making folkmusic (usually I am arranging folkdancing in a castle of our region), painting watercolour (mostly landscapes) and fly fishing. I also hope to get get in the future the chance of a cycle-trip across Wales. Meanwhile I am doing it virtually by reading the book “Lost Lanes Wales”. Really looking forward to getting to know you!
Pob hwyl


My parents moved from England to North Wales when I was 14 and I then went to a bilingual school.
Unfortunately I was deemed too old to learn Welsh, however I hear the language. Fast forward a few years and I achieved a GCSE in Welsh after completing an ULPAN course in a year. Then I moved to England for quite a few years. I have been back in Wales (thankfully) for 13 years and have made a few attempts at improving my Welsh to no avail.
Luckily (but unluckily) for me people think I am fluent in Welsh because of the way I speak the bits of Welsh I know. This causes a problem as I am unable to understand the replies often. I can get myself into trouble as sometimes I completely misunderstand :thinking:. I also then tend to panic and revert to English as it is easier and quicker. Hoping that that 6 minutes a day will kick me into action! Hwyl am y tro!


Do you think it could it help to bear in mind that this can happen when we’re speaking English - well, it happens to me, anyway :roll_eyes: - and we’d just say somthing like ‘Sorry, can you repeat that?’
Gareth King’s ‘Modern Welsh’ has some useful suggestions for this kind of situation:

  • Allech chi ailadrodd, os gwelwch yn dd? - Could you repeat that, please?
  • Beth ddwedoch chi, gynnau? - What did you just say?
  • Eto? - Again?
  • Nes i ddim deall hynny - I didn’t understand that
  • Nes i ddim clywed chi’n iawn - I didn’t hear you properly
  • Ydw i wedi’ch deall chi’n iawn? Have I understood you poperly?

And don’t forget one that I got from you, @johnwilliams_6 - Nes i’m (cweit) dal hynny (I didn’t quite catch that) - for when the problem is more clarity or rapidity (or volume) than vocab or grammar.