New learner requires meetup in Monmouth

Hi everyone, I’ve started with Mynediad fast track and finding difficulty in retaining things because the only time I get to practice speaking welsh is in the weekly class. So if there are any meetups in or near Monmouth, please let me know.

If you’re interested in starting a meetup I’d love to here from you.

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Loads stuff I in the area, and I’m sure there’s a few I’ve missed from the list

Thanks James.
Much appreciated.

I’ll pop a note in the weekly email too and see if we can flush out a few more SSiWers that might be in the area.

Do you get the email, Rob? If not, you can register to receive it here :slight_smile:

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Hi Dee,
I registered successfully but I received an email with a link to confirm that I wanted to receive emails. The link does not work and when I click on reply to advise them that the link doesn’t work, that email doesn’t get delivered.
This was the link I was sent. Don’t know if you could forward it whoever could fix the problem.


Sorry about that - sounds like a problem from the provider - if you could forward that email to we can see if there’s anything we can do… :slight_smile:

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Hello Rob

There is a Welsh Society in Monmouth and there are regular meetings - or contact Robin Davies -
There is also a coffee/tea meeting on Friday afternoon during term time in Wetherspoons organised by Coleg Gwent. There is a reading group in the library in Monmouth on alternative Thursday (?) afternoons.
Coleg Gwent also organises classes at various levels in Monmouth. At 10.30 every Tuesday there is a coffee morning in the Beaufort Raglan. The level is a above Mynediad but it would be good to sit and listen and join in as and when you can.
I live about 11 miles south of Monmouth in Itton and I know a number of other people in Monmouth who are learning Welsh.


Yay, always nice to hear of new learners in my hometown! Welcome Rob! :smiley:
Sadly I can’t offer a meet up personally as I’m now based in N Wales, but as llanddinol said, there are quite a few opportunities there now.

There s clwb brecwast in Abergavenny on one Saturday morning each month in the Trading Post cafe - near the post office - from about 9am - 11am. Mix of levels but mainly mynediad/sylfaen with a few more advanced. There will be a meet up this Saturday Nov.4th. I ll be there if you want someone to talk to.

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Shwmae Rob, I live in the forest of dean and meet every week with a fellow SSiW learner. It’s not too far from Monmouth so maybe we could meet together to practice?

Hi Colin. When and where do you meet?

Shwmae Rob. Sut dach chi? Dan ni’n cyfarfod ar y White Hart inn yn Newnham-on-Severn pob Dydd Iau ar hanner wedi saith fel arfer. Mae croeso i chi ymuno â ni.

If you wanted to travel to Chepstow there is an SSiW meeting in the Lime Tree in St Mary’s Street on the fourth Saturday of each month between 10.30 and 12.00. The numbers vary considerably but we usually gather around table 19 which is up the small flights of steps and then to the left.


Hi Rob, John and I are both learning with SSIW and we are meeting up at the White Hart Inn at Newnham (on the A48). We will be meeting around 7.30pm and you are more than welcome to join us for a drink and chat (Welsh and English!)

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Hi Colin,

Thank you very much for the invite. Hoewvwer my Welsh class in on Tuesdays at the Shire Hall Monmouth so won’t be able to come.


Hi Rob,

I should have said we meet every Thursday at around 7.30 pm at the White Hart Inn, Newnham-on-Severn. You are always welcome.


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