New Learner in Carmarthenshire


I’m new user looking for opportunities to practice Welsh with other learners in Carmarthenshire.

Anyone know of any discussion groups, decent resources, etc?


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Welcome to the forum, Rob… :slight_smile:

@Deborah-SSi - maybe one for the email depending on how much response there is by next week? :slight_smile:

You’ve only just missed us, but we’re on next week as usual.

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Diolch yn fawr Dave,

Roughly what level is the discussion at?

I’m really not sure how to answer that. Depends how we’re feeling and what we’re trying to talk about :slight_smile: We’re none of us native speakers. We try to muddle through in welsh, with regular “what’s the word for…?” moments.


This speaker is on a world tour for a few months but if you send a message to @billigog I’m sure he will give you a listening ear.


Thanks - muddling sounds appropriate to my skills! Hopefully see you all there at some point (I’m usually in London on Wednesday nights at the moment).


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What approximate area of Carmarthenshire are you in, Rob?

There’s quite a few organised events for learners, but there’s also plenty of opportunities for people to just go out and listen / hear / hide-until-those-bloomin-Welsh-speakers-go-home.

It’s also worth registering with ffrindiaith (top right hand corner of the SaySomethinginWelsh course pages. Click on “Challenges” at the top of a forum page to get there. It’s a bit quiet there at the moment, but you may strike it lucky in as Welsh speaking an area as Carmarthenshire.

One thing, though - please don;t put yourself in a “early learner, can’t speak yet” box. A cheery “bore da” in a local shop, or pub can always be backed out of with a “Dwi wedi bod yn dysgu am biti mis, so I can’t quite keep up with that yet!”. You can always choose to cycle in and out of Welsh as you gain in confidence and vocab. And you’ll be amazed at how many people are fascinated at your skills, and very happy to help / slow down / suggest words etc to help you on your way.

You will stumble and fall a number of times, but, just like in the SSiW challenges, the glory is in the process not in having to reach some mythical definition of success. The more often you fall, the quicker you’ll learn to get by, so the more you try to use your Welsh, the sooner you won’t need to find any “learner” activities!

In other words, enjoy the process, enjoy the challenge, and you will love the results.

O hyes, and let us know how you get on - all the gory and beautiful detail!


Hi Iestyn,

Thanks for the long message - very nice of you to take the time

I’m living near Nantgaredig but wiling to travel as required to get some practice in.

My feeble mumbling attempts to practice with Welsh speakers hasn’t come to very much yet but I will persist! Tends to be at the school gate (kids are in Welsh speaking school) when people are in a bit of a rush, etc.

Thanks for the advice


Hi Rob

We did have a small group in Carmarthen until recently (very small in the end!). I wonder whether you might be interested in trying to get something going again . I have just been contacted by John Dray - a learner living near Carmarthen who has expressed an interest in meeting up, That would make three of us - more learners might emerge you never know - what do you think ?



s’mae Bill,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Yes, that sounds like a plan to me. In terms of my level, I am a beginner, having had no lessons to date but having made my way through courses 1 & 2 fairly hastily but hopefully sufficiently to say a few useful things! On that basis, do you think I would have got on okay in the old group you mentioned? I wouldn’t want to waste your time if I can’t contribute enough…

I’m generally away with work from Tuesday morning till Friday morning but would be v keen if we could find a time that works. I’m based in

Look forward to hearing what you think.


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@billigog, just so you see the above.

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Helo Rob

There was a pretty wide spectrum in our group. I don’t think it matters what level you’re at but courses 1 and 2 is pretty good (even if it was hasty) - you’d have been fine in our group. I have e-mailed John and suggested that he join in this conversation so that we can arrange something. Your work commitments make it a bit tricky. Sunday evening would probably be best for me.

Diolch - Bill

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Hi @roblisle if you ever fancy a day out in Aberystwyth, pop up to our Clwb Clonc sessions every Wednesday. Worth it once for the lovely day up the A487!

Other than this, I’ve been known to pop down to Carmarthen once in a blue moon for the football. If you ever fancy a Welsh pint, do say!


Thanks Nicky. Might see you in Aber sometime


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Hi Bill,

Was just wondering if there was any renewed possibility of the Carmarthen group starting up again?

Dw i’n dal gwilio am gyfle i ymarfer…