New interface on the App

Shocked and surprised to discover the interface in Welsh this morning.

Congratulations on a new milestone!


What new interface? My iPad app looks just the same as usual to me!

Just updated my app this morning… :slight_smile:

I don’t know if the app is in Welsh now because someone’s changed it - or whether it’s in Welsh now because someone in the background hooked into the fact my phone language is set to Welsh!

Either way! Good work all!

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It only comes up in Welsh if your phone/iPad is set to use Welsh as its main language.

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There is a (potentially…) new option on the settings page to change this from Eng>Wal or back around.

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I have mine set as English then Cymraeg as my Cymraeg isn’t good enough for a lot and my spelling in English is pretty grotty, so needs help too!

I take it this is only for the iphone/ipad app and not for the android app?

I’d expect so - James and Jeff do their own tinkering, rather than following a central pattern… :slight_smile:

(sound of tinkering in the background)

Oh, yes, indeed, the app does now speak a bit o Gymraeg. As observed, it will speak welsh if you either have Welsh as your phone language, or if you set the Preferred App Language switch on the Settings tab. Mwynhau!

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