New forum

Have I missed something., on the new forum page all I get are 3/4 threads. There is nothing like “new topics” etc or the lounge.
I’m using IE 11

You should be able to see about 8 threads on the left hand side - click on any of them, and the thread will open up for you - if you can only see 3 or 4, my guess is that we either have a hiccup or there’s an issue with screen size - could you maybe do a screenshot? :slight_smile:

You don’t need ‘new topics’, because that’s exactly what the list of threads on the left is…:slight_smile:

Thanks. Yes I see 8 threads. So used to old site with the "lounge etc. I need to follow the site for a bit longer to get used to it

Ah, great, it’s working okay then - yup, take your time, it’ll start to seem more familiar when you’ve been on it for a couple of days…:slight_smile: But please don’t hesitate to ask if there’s anything that you can’t figure out!

There is a very large number of threads now, and navigating up and down now takes quite a bit of time. Do you know if Ifan plans to have folders of threads, like on the old SSiW forum? And perhaps a “mark all as read” button?

Diolch yn fawr!

S’mae David,

No, the plan is not to have such folders. However, a tagging system is forthcoming that should make finding posts and threads easier without the artificial barriers imposed by a fixed folder system.



Wow! Such a lot has happened since I last looked at the new site. There were only a handful of posts then and now there is so much. I have been rather busy with grandchildren and setting up a new computer over the last 3 weeks. I still haven’t mastered my new computer which works in a totally new way from my old one, so it will be a while before I get to grips with the new forum too, but IT LOOKS GOOD!! I hope it doesn’t take too long before I am able to find my way round.

Is there or will there be the option of “Viewing your own posts”? (I’m thinking of publishing a three volume book on “The Wit and Wisdom of Hewrop”) :wink:

Just the three volumes Huw, or is that the abridged version? :wink:


You’re right, Stu - only the highlights. :slight_smile:

Huw Jones Wrote ----- “Is there or will there be the option of “Viewing your own posts”?”

That would be useful (I have no idea where I made my last post, or how to get there).
As would being able to quote - most important when asking about learning issues, but useful in other cases (see above).
Another good idea would be to change the scrolling list on the left and have pages we can click through.
Also to introduce topics like “General Discussion,” “Cwrs 1,” “Cwrs 2,” etc. That would make searching easier and more applicable to what stage you’re at.

I don’t know if it exists already, “but go to last post” will be a must when it becomes possible to find a thread you want to follow or partake in.