New design

No promises! I’ll keep it in mind! But thanks for info!


I’ve been using the new website for quite a while now, and I think it’s fantastic. However,I see a few things that still don’t quite work in the FAQ. Nothing critical to functionality, but since the plan is to totally switch over soon, I thought I’d flag @kinetic

  1. The links to “Becoming Fluent” and “Why SSiW Exists” don’t go anywhere.

  2. Under “Welsh Characters”, the link to the old thread requires login to the old forum.

  3. Under “How Can I Get More Speaking Practice”, the link to DoSomethingInWelsh returns a “Doesn’t exist” error.

Also, [quote=“royaberarth, post:7, topic:4943”]
I liked the upload dates which used to appear. They now seem to be absent.
I liked this feature, too, and if it would be a simple thing to implement on the new site, that would be great!

Thanks, Ifan, for all your hard work!

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That’s great trouble-spotting work, Anna - diolch yn fawr iawn!

@kinetic, could you Trello these? :sunny:


Added to the top of the new-layout-related queue :slight_smile: Thanks for pointing it out!


OK, sorted these now :slight_smile:


@Kinetic Any ideas why my login today gave me the version of the new design I was used to before you changed it quite recently? I’m not complaining! I like it!!

Which version is this? There’s only really been one new design, just little changes to it (and a new front page recently). What is it you’re seeing / what’s the difference?

BTW @Kinetic the latest version of front page is AWESOME! I love it!

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I feel bad pointing this out, but none of the links in the “Becoming Fluent” section work :frowning:

Otherwise, looking great - and diolch yn fawr iawn for the “Last Updated” date on the daily practices - very helpful! Ti’n seren :star: :slight_smile:

(Also, off-topic, but I would just like to say that I am still enjoying the Welsh word clock very much :slight_smile: )

Can’t take responsibility for that I’m afraid - @jonthomas, who is significantly more talented than me at design, is the guy to thank :slight_smile:

Yeah, sorry about that - I am aware, but it’s not something I can fix at the moment. The whole “Becoming Fluent” section was a broken link until I noticed this the other day, and converted it into a new page - but there were a couple of links I couldn’t track down the originals for, and I’ll need Aran to get hold of for me. He’s away creating new Welsh speakers at the moment, but as soon as he’s back we’ll sort this out, honest :smile:


Thx @jonthomas then. :slight_smile: You’re awesome! :slight_smile:

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Now, when I come to the site, I get the options along the top, Challenges, FAQ, Forum etc, and Login
Just before yesterday, I was getting just the SSiW name and the three white lines on the left hand side. Clicking on the lines gave me the list of options, including login as a column down the left hand side. I worried that, for new users, that would be very confusing. I like what I get now much more!!

Ah - it sounds like you were seeing the narrow version of the layout, for people using iPads and smaller screens and such. If you were on a ‘real’ computer, maybe your browser window was just slightly smaller - you can try it now if you like, adjust the width of the window and you should see things change :slight_smile:


I did it!! It did!! I never realised this happened!! Diolch yn fawr iawn iawn!!! All is clear! You may have enlightened others too!!
p.s. Edit: to @Kinetic I realised the page size can alter other things, so had a go with the music player that is used for Challenges. By making it slimmer, I got rid of pictures and adverts for things I don’t want and just get the controls!! Diolch for the hint!!

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Thanks for the upload dates on the speaking practiceh. Time elapsed doo dah shows only 4 minutes but session runs for 6.
None the less I like it. Thankyou

I’m not sure how you’re seeing adverts. We definitely don’t have anything of the sort on the site. If you’re getting random adverts cropping up on pages where there aren’t supposed to be any, you might want to check your computer for nasty software which shouldn’t be there!


Sorry, not actual adverts, things that the program could do, but I just want to listen to the Challenge, so the other options are irrelevant!