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You may have seen this thread about a new design for the website. The Spanish side of things has had this layout for quite a while, but so far only a restricted group of people (who asked in that other thread) have had the chance to try it out on the Welsh part too.

Well, as of today, this is now available to everyone. Anyone who hasn’t been using it yet should notice a little popup message inviting you to try it out. In about a month we plan to switch it over Once And For All, but for now, if you want to give it a go, feel free to switch yourself over! If you do so, and you decide you want to go back, just go to your profile (click your name in the top right and choose “Account settings”), and you should see a tickbox labelled “Use new layout for whole website”. This option will only remain available until the end of month when everyone will be moved over. :slight_smile:

[@Deborah-SSi - would it be possible to get a message about this in the next weekly email, please? Diolch!]


If people dismiss the pop-up (or it gets blocked by software or something) is there a way for them to choose the new design in their profile now? :sunny:

Yep :slight_smile: It won’t be blocked because it’s not a ‘real’ popup, it’s just a little panel thingy that’s part of the page. I only called it a popup for simplicity. And yeah, the option is there for everyone in their profiles now :slight_smile:

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The option should be here …

For all those who still might be puzzled, you alter your profile on the learn page and NOT this one on the forum site to change the design. Also ONLY the design of learn side of things changes, forum is still as it is now.

Hope it helps.


Well, I found an interesting thing:
I’ve logged out from Learn page to see some things when I’m not logged but then I went to Forum from learn page and I was logged in. It’s kind of understandable, because I didn’t log out from the forum but just learn page. However once it was that logging into both sites was interchangablle what means if you’re logged into Learn page and not into the forum, you’ll be automatically logged into the forum and vise versa. But now I am still logged out form the learn page even if I access it through the forum site so I presume the logging into both sites is not interchangable anymore. If I’m logged into the Learn page and not into the forum, I can be automatically logged into the forum by clicking Log in button though.

I’m logged in both pages by default all the time and this doesn’t bother me too much but I thought you’d like to know about my findings.

And now, if I think more it might very well be it was like that even before but I never payed real attention to that … I’m not sure anymore.

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We don’t have entire agreement internally about the right way for the single log-in to work - so it’s something that we might revisit in the future - but for the time being, yes, it’s as you describe… :sunny;

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Congratulations on the new site. Someone has been hard at work. I’ve only been yet to the two sections I use.

  1. Daily practices for course two - to stop me going rusty - I liked the upload dates which used to appear. They now seem to be absent.
  2. New level 2 south to see it there is any thing new - I am a Iestyn fan - Imagine my delight when I saw all the numbers and then disappointment on looking at 17 and being told - not ready yet. Aww!.
    I know there are problems but I do like Iestyn’s style.

Sorry, @aran, @tatjana I always logged in and out from Learn, because I had a problem once when doing so from the Forum. Does that mean that now, logging in from new start page, if I go to Learn before logging out, I am still somehow on the Forum? Do I have to log out, go to the Forum and logout again?
Confused and befuddled! :confused: :confounded:
Edit - It can’t be that because logging out from Learn takes me to a screen I cannot get to the Forum from!!

If you’re not logged into the “Learn” page you can not go to any forum, that’s true but if you’re logged into the Learn page and logged out of forum it will log into the forum automatically when going to the forum and clicking “Log in” button what means you’ll be logged in without typing username and password again.

That’s the whole magic and it doesn’t go/work oposite way.

I hope I’ve explained this understandably because it’s a bit confusing and complicated to understand … :slight_smile:

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Thanks for flagging that up - we should be able to do something about that.

L2 south - more coming soon… :sunny:

@henddraig - are you on a shared computer?

I’m not sure how to answer that! My laptop is all mine and Janet has a laptop, a desktop and an ipad. What we share is the broadband coming into the house, but we have different login names, different e-mail accounts. We share a router. Janet has never been and is very unlikely ever to want to be in SSiW or any other SSi. She is half Scottish, half English and has no wish to travel to any place where English is not spoken!!
I’m not sure why you asked me, but that’s the best answer I can manage! Oh, I may be a sub-set of a license for some things like Outlook and Word and even Microsoft and Apple.

Shared computer is when someone else is using it regardless broadband and other devices you might work with on the same broadband. Shared comps you have in libraries, caffees etc. etc. and at home if you possess only one computer and all members of the family are working on it having or not having their own “internal” (desktop) acounts.

@aran probably asked you this question because of login thingys. If device is shared it very well can happen one could change the settings of the device which should not influence your acounts especially if you’re logging in and out every time you come to work with acounts but still …

Well, this is my thinking of the question, but Aran will say his part of the story (as I obviously am not Aran :slight_smile: )

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In which case, I’d suggest you don’t worry about logging out after every session… :sunny:

[I can’t remember the last time I logged out of the site/forum either on my desktop or on my Chromebook…]

To be honest I’m angry when one of the services logs me out every single time … :slight_smile:

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@aran , @tatjana : I met my first computer in 1971. It lived in Bristol and I was in Harrogate. I know it was fed punch cards and we had to write our programs on paper. I think we actually posted them in the Royal Mail! I didn’t find the exercise useful as the person who transcribed to punch card and I had different ideas how to write some numbers and letters! The computer spoke Fortran.
Later, it was a relief to meet a glorified calculator which we programmed in machine code.
Great advance, terminal on desk, programmed in Basic, enough memory assigned to me to be quite useful! Later came Lisp and then the Dec 20 and a desktop that doubled as a terminal!
I grew up with shared computers!! (Well, not exactly, I was 30 in '71!).
It seems totally weird to leave myself logged in anywhere!! Couldn’t I get hacked?
I think I’ll carry on logging out because it feels the natural thing to do!!
p.s. I never did grow to like Fortran!!

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Being logged in to a forum for learning Welsh doesn’t make you any more or less likely to get hacked (which if it happened without your laptop being stolen would be a matter of some dodgy software downloading itself and you not having up-to-date protection) - if you have different passwords for different accounts (which is best practice) then accessing your account on here would offer very little value for hackers.

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Agreed with @aran here … :slight_smile:

Hackers have other interests and as I have computer geek in my own home it doesn’t help too much whether you’re logged in or out. True hacker would find the way to enter but, as I said, they steal some other acounts then forums one … We should be highly protected forums of high importance for the World to be interesting for hackers.

But, we’re highly important to the world and safe too I believe. :slight_smile:


At least to Byd Cymraeg! But safe too, I accept! Will still log out because it feels natural!!
p.s. What sort of Broadband speed do you need for Skype? How do you set it up? What does it cost and what equipment do yoy need?
I am much in two minds as I would clearly have to actually put some effort into Cymraeg in order to Skype anyone! Currently I cling to lack of decent broadband in the Highlands & Islands area!! (Quote from complaints of some politicians.) :wink:

If no one answers that, I’ll do this when I come home.

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Even dial up modem speed would be enough.

Download Skype from here or if you want to skype with your phone then from Google Play store for Android or AppStore for iDevices.
When it’s downloaded and installed you open it and you can create your acount directly from application being on PC, notebook, tablet, phone or whatever you’ve installed Skype on.

It costs you nothing to use it if you use it for Skype to Skype sessions.

  • Headphones and microphone or headphones with microphone
  • webcam for videochat (which is up to you will you have/install/use it or not)

and that’s approximately all. Simple and easy. :slight_smile:

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