New Course One-Challenges

I’m afraid I’ve missed something important about downloading the Challenges for the Southern course. How do I download the new lessons 1-9? I seem to be able to manage to get only the old lessons at present. I had completed the old course 1 and started course 2, when I had to take a break for some months; so when I learned about the Challenges, I decided to start again. I’m eager to start to get into a routine to try to make some progress as before. I must say that everyone is very complimentary about the new course 1, so I’m sure I’ll find it even better than the original lessons.

Hi William - if you click on ‘Learn’ up at the top there, you should then see a secondary navbar underneath where it says ‘SaySomethinginWelsh’ in the top left hand corner - it starts with Course 1, then Course 2, then Course 3, and then Level 1 (new).

Click on Level 1 (new) and you’ll be able to see the lessons that are available so far - click on an individual lesson (you’ll see a block of numbers on the left hand side once you’ve clicked on Level 1 - those are the lessons) and you’ll see the northern and (if available) southern options…:smile:

Hope this helps!

Diolch yn fawr Aran.
Mae eisiau yn fi dechrau gweithio yn galed nawr.

Pob lwc! :smile: