New blog post - the 7 Stages of Learning a Language: Stage 4



O - @Deborah-SSi :wink:

I read this post a few weeks ago and had a question that I don’t remember if it was covered (bad, bad short term memory)

How often should I come up with additional conversational sets? Is it a daily or once a week sort of exercise?

Also I have to say that this definitely helps with word retention…it is so much easier to remember words for which I’ve used this technique. I still remember “drewllyd” and “bidur”…two words I’d formerly forgotten constantly.

I don’t think there’s any way to have one right answer for this - it’s a bit like someone getting a car and asking ‘Should I drive at 40 mph or 60 mph?’ (although of course learning a language is much less risky than driving a car…;-)).

I would imagine that learning a conversation set every day would be a very significant commitment of time - it would of course lead to faster results than one per week - but having something that you can maintain in the long term is probably more important :sunny:

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Thanks aran…I’ll do some experimemting with frequency before settling on a routine.

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