New blog post - how to get used to making a fool of yourself

Five action points to help you get used to the loss of status we feel with a new language :sunny:


Lot’s of real good advice…
I love telling people about by imaginary friend, Blodwyn, whom I practice Welsh with (seriously!). Telling them how fit she is; though she has no interest in me…When I wrote in a local Papur Bro I actually mentioned our relationship.
Another one is speaking Welsh in a Cockney accent which really goes down well or when I’m now asked why I learnt Welsh I often reply: “Dwi’n twpsyn!”
Just remembered, Eidalraeg which me and my friend, Blethyn use in Caernarfon. It’s a seamless/hotch-potch mix of Welsh and Italian words and grammar which leaves people gawping and confused…before laughing.

Aran: "On a certain level, making a fool of yourself is potentially a loss in status…"
Possibly true, but not in Pen-y-Groes where it would be a positive plus, :smile:

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Superb idea :star:

Love it, especially the silly accents part. Sometimes I’ll find myself making up Welsh sentences only to discover that my southern (US) drawl really comes out when I’m not thinking. (Cymraeg = “Cymraayh-yuhg”). I didn’t even realize you had a blog! Good to know. :slight_smile:

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Maybe try singing a song you like while translating to welsh in your head.
Some times out come sentences that are not to bad.

Dw i’n siarad i’r coed.
Ond, dydyn nhw ddim gwrando i mi.

Cheers J.P.


Love this idea!

“…craig o gwmpas y gloch…”

(for those of us of a certain age … :blush: )

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Now that sounds absolutely superb. I’m going to need to develop a Texas drawl one of these days - it might be the final straw for Catrin…:wink:

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Whilst not advocating learning Welsh with a bottle of gin next to you, it’s true that I am more confident and fluent after a large G and T!


I’m going to be gritting my teeth and doing some testing on a variant of this when enough new Dutch material is available for me to do a three dayer… :sunny:

Dutch is easier than Welsh Aran, (says a Dutch person living in England trying to learn Welsh) !

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You’ll have to forgive me for being mildly sceptical…:wink:

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