Never lose heart, or give up!

Ok, so it is confession time… I have not done a lesson for months, and barely spoken a word of Welsh to anyone other than my Ffrindiath. Loads of reasons for this - not least my son, who is on the Spectrum, starting secondary School and him having to travel 12 miles each way on a minibus… We are back in Wales this weekend after a looonnnng cold and miserable winter, and we went for a Costa in Pwllheli.

I ordered in English and chatted for a couple of minutes before saying to the barister, “Oh, I should have practised my Welsh with you”. We then spent 5 minutes chatting about the weather, coffee and family in Welsh. Someone then arrived in the queue and the girl immediately switched back to English. As I walked away with out drinks she said, “You are very good”.

So, two things:

  1. She I was being very generous in her praise…

More Importantly:

  1. NEVER give up or forget you CAN speak Welsh; or think that because you have ‘slacked’ with the challenges that it has all gone away. The beauty of SSIW is it stays there, stuck in your head, and you can pull it out whenever you want, like a rabbit out if a hat!

Keep going everyone!


Yes she was, but it doesn’t mean she didn’t mean it! :slight_smile:


The key thing, I think, from that was that you admitted to her that you should have spoken in Welsh which then kicked off the Welsh conversation - it is very easy to only think it and not say anything (especially if you think you are a bit rusty anyway), and then end up kicking yourself for missing an opportunity, so well done a_jay, that’s an excellent result :smiley:


Yup, what Siaron said - well DONE for pushing yourself, when it would have been temptingly easy just to carry on in English. :star: :star2:

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Or that you didn’t deserve it!! Da iawn ti @a_jay Diolch for the inspiration!