Negatives getting me down a bit

I’m on challenge 23 of level 2 and around half way through these new ways of saying that he doesn’t want this or doesn’t do that or whatever start to crop up. It’s happened before in other challenges where - albeit briefly - there’s a new way of saying something negative, ‘na’ or ‘nac’ or ‘nag’ (not quite sure). I’m used to naddo, and nac oes but I have to admit I’m struggling a bit with these other new ways of saying things. Anyone else suffering from the same ‘negativity-itis’?

Yes, I struggle with the ‘nag’ etc in the middle of a sentence. I have just about taken on board that you use it for ‘that’ when you want to say …that he didn’t… or similar, but I don’t remember how to say it when I need it. And the southern ‘so…’ escapes me every time.


Just to reassure you, these aren’t the most strictly stuck to rules.

For example:

Nac ydw - can become “na dw” and “nagw”

Nac oes - often “na, s’gen i ddim” or “na, sdim da fi”.

In terms of stuff popping up in the middle of sentences:

As is said above “nad ydy o…” - that he doesn’t

However, if you slip and say “Na bod o ddim” - grammatically it’s not perfect but it is perfectly understood and often heard

To reassure you further, yes, I have definitely struggled with these :smile:

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


@Betterlatethan and @AnthonyCusack Phew! I am relieved not to be the only one struggling with my negatives. I’m fine with the nac ydw and the nac ydy that were drummed into us Mynediad learners early on, and just about OK with the concept of sticking a ‘d’ in front of this and that to turn it negative too, but those varied na… something-or-others that pop up suddenly mid sentence… whoa! That’s quite another matter, as are the couple of “so” 's I’ve heard pop up now in Level 2 as well. It’s always the same hurdle that I face - I don’t catch it that well and want to see it in writing and it’s not always with the vocab supplied. Hey ho, I usually get there in the end, so no need to panic, just have lasied llall


I reached the end of level 2 after a fashion, and didn’t feel ready to start level 3, so I am working through the old material. I have just reached course 2 lesson 18. Fancy that! It gives a thorough workout of ‘nagu’. It doesn’t seem to appear in the vocabulary though. I might just recognise it now, even though I am not quick enough to say it in time. I share your difficulty of not catching sounds well when I hear them. Still, as you said, no need to panic. It will all come with practice.

Edited to add:
And course 2 lesson 0 south gives lots of practice with “so”.


That’s the spirit… :slight_smile:


@aran yes, possibly even the cocktail (tonight) :wink:

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Vital ingredient… :slight_smile:

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It was…

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