Native or Fluent? Help me learn!

I’m Colte 32 yo male in Salt Lake City just looking for a native/fluent speaker with whom to practice speaking Cymraeg. Thanks all :smile:

Welcome to the forum, Colte!

How long have you been learning? And how have you been learning? If you give us an idea of what level you’re at, it might be a little easier for people to know if they’d be a good fit for you or not… :sunny:

Hi, Colte – Are you aware of the very active Welsh Studies program at Brigham Young University? If not, that’s a sure place to find practice partners (and lots of other good materials).

Brigham Young University Welsh Studies homepage

There are also a number of Utah SSIWers, so gobeithio wnei di ffeindio pobl o dy ardal di yma sy’n gallu cael sgwrs 'da ti!

EDITED to add: By the way, even if your Welsh is very advanced, you might be surprised at how valuable it is chatting with people not yet so far along. Certainly a lot better than not having Welsh conversations at all!


I’m a total beginner but very motivated! No I had no idea BYU had a Welsh Studies program. That’s exciting news! Diolch yn Fawr!

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I’m very new. Only on lesson 5 but very motivated and committed to becoming fluent in Welsh.

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It’s great to start using your Welsh in real exchanges that early in the process - an excellent sign… :star:

Anyone getting towards the end of Course 1/Level 1 who’d like to have a short chat with Colte from time to time? :sunny: