Nant Gwrtheyrn

I’m off to the Nant in a few weeks times and I’m really excited!
Anyone who has been recently who can offer some tips to get the most out of my time there?

Diolch ymlaen llaw
Thanks in advance


It’s on my bucket list Michael, so please keep us posted on your experience and enjoy every moment,


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A bit off topic but don’t forget your swimming costume. Four years ago I swam in the sea every morning and, on two occasions, a seal joined us.


Probably the best tip is just siarad, siarad, siarad :slightly_smiling_face: - not just the tutors, but you’ll find that the staff in the office and Caffi Meinir are keen to help you practise your Cymraeg even if it might take a bit longer for you to say what you want to say.
If you’re arriving the night before the course, you’ll probably be able to meet up with one or two other course members in the Plas and having a bottle of wine or some beer with you can help to get the Cymraeg flowing :slightly_smiling_face:
It can be all too easy sometimes to relapse into Saesneg outside the classroom so it helps to keep an ear open for those who are trying most often to chat in Cymraeg and join them - sorry if this is all a bit obvious :slightly_smiling_face:
If there’s time and it’s the right Thursday in the month, quiz night in Cymraeg in Tafarn y Fic in Llithfaen is a great experience.
Again, if you have time, there’s an incredible view from the central peak of Yr Eifl above Nant Gwrtheyrn, and Tre Ceiri the extensive hillfort on the adjacent hilltop is really impressive with a pretty spectacular view from there too
Other things to do could be a visit to the Cwrw Llŷn brewery in Nefyn, or Ty Coch the tafarn on the beach at Porth Dinllaen and the little museum in Nefyn is interesting and offers another opportunity to practise Cymraeg
Hope some of all that helps


Excellent advice above.
The Plas (education centre) remains open in the evenings. I recommend using it to revise the day’s lessons with others from your class or practise speaking Welsh.
The courses are very good - I’ve been twice. The head tutor, Eleri Llewelyn Morris, is a very experienced teacher and a lovely lady. North & South Welsh are taught in parallel. Eleri is a Gog but spent several years working in Cardiff and has a neutral accent. (When teaching! :grin: )
Trips to places of interest as part of the course provide an opportunity to practise speaking. (The venues are told the class level.)
Pob lwc.

Hi Pererin,
I’ve been to the Nant twice, first to do Mynediad and second to do Sylfaen. I’d love to go back and do Canolradd but fear it might be too big a step for me. What do you think, what level did you do at The Nant?

Diolch i chi gyd :slight_smile:

Great advice all round - I’m off there on Sunday so cramming as many SSiW challenges in as possible!

Hi Rob,
I went to Nant Gwrtheyrn for the Canolradd course in March. I was still doing the Sylfaen night classes at the time so was a bit nervous it might be too advanced but I found it ok.

It was really useful to get the chance to chat to the other learners in welsh outside the class. We didn’t speak welsh all the time but we soon got in the habit of jumping between the languages and trying to speak welsh when we could. I expect you’d find you get more chance to speak welsh with other learners on the canolradd course than on sylfaen

I’d say go for it and book up for the next level. Having the next course in the diary is a great incentive to practice hard. I’m booked on the Uwch course for October so busy revising in the hope I won’t feel too out my depth when I get there.

So… the week absolutely anghygoel! Honestly I cannot recommend Nant Gwtheryn enough, it was an absolutely incredible learning experience!


I totally agree. I’ve been there twice. It can be expensive for some, but if you join Friends of The Nant for £30.00, you get 20% off the price of any future courses and I think 15% off books.

Hello i bawb

My first post, so hope this is the right place! I’ve been following this thread with interest, as I’ve been thinking about the possibility of attending one of The Nant courses. I would appreciate any advice on the level (I want to be stretched, but not to slow up everyone else in the group). In SSIW, I’ve just started level 2 of the South course (just working my way through the challenges in my own time). Thanks for any advice.

Hi David, if you’re thinking of going this autumn then sylfaen might be best since you’ve already covered the basics from ssiw.

If you’re not already i’d recommend doing something like Duolingo alongside ssiw so as to get the extra vocabulary. The old course on ssiw is also well worth doing.

I started ssiw and Duolingo In February 2018 then mynediad 2 night class September 2018 and sylfaen 1 night class January 2019. I went on the canolradd course at NG in March. There were three people in the class a lot better than me but the rest were a similar level so I found it ideal. I’ve enrolled in a canolradd 1+2 night class in Newport starting next month.

I’d said in an earlier post here that I was doing uwch in October at NG but i’ve decided now to do canolradd again and wait till next spring to do uwch.

I’d definitely recommend going, it’s a great experience, especially the chance to chat with local residents who are first language welsh speakers. You could also try phoning and having a chat with one of the tutors to get an idea of the best level for you.

Thanks Andrew, that’s very helpful.

I’d definitely recommend this - they’re really happy to advise you on this