My intensive catchup on Level 2 this weekend

Whilst have been trying to grow my Welsh in the background, having finished all the lessons available at the time, I see that Level 2 has grown right up to lesson 25 [Northern].

I have been practising my Welsh most weeks at the Saith Seren in Wrecsam and had got out of the habit of using the SSiW material for a while.

So I decided to plunge in at Challenge 18, even though I had previously only got up to Challenge 10. Though I had also done the old Course 3 (and sort-of half understood it).

The good news was that I could pretty much follow the lesson. But I still found some surprises and learned new stuff. So, whilst I now believe (ok, know) that I can survive in the wild speaking in Welsh (things like using only Cymraeg on the bus from Bangor to Caernarfon or on the streets of Penygroes), I also know that SSiW still has plenty to teach me.

So now, impatient to catch up, I will do a short “intensive catchup” exercise. Well, semi-intensive, relatively speaking, at 2 hours a day.

I intend to complete Level 2 by doing Challenges 11, 12, 13 today (already done 18 as an experiment). Tomorrow will be Challenges 14, 15, 16 and 17. Saturday I will complete 19. 20, 21, 22 and on Sunday I will catch up with 23, 24 and 25. My brain will be buzzing a bit but I feel the need for some trochi (immersion) after a recent further delay in my plans to move to Cymru, for family reasons.


They do this you know. They wait until we are not looking and then quickly put more challenges up.
It’s absolutely amazing - we have a beautiful and lucky number of 25 challenges for Level 2 now.

I’m going to stay awake all night - even though the course already has 25 challenges - you never know when they are going to strike again - just to keep us off guard.

In the meantime Llongyfarchiadau for all the incredible work that went into these beautiful challenges,


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That sounds like a really excellent refresher - I’m a huge fan of the whole pattern of long breaks and then sudden sprints - it seems a much easier to way to learn, to me… :sunny: