My first Welsh conversation

It happened this morning as my wife and I were going to church. A lady who goes to the same service was walking up just as we were getting out of the car and said “good morning, or I should say bore da”. I replied “sut dych chi heddiw”. That ended the conversation since her Welsh was limited to bore da and ty bach, and I I would have been stuck if she had asked me anything more complicated than whether I had a young cat or if I was going to buy cheese today, but the point is that I didn’t HESITATE, so I am feeling ridiculously chuffed.


Da iawn ti! Opening your mouth for the very first time is a huge step. May it be the beginning of a long and happy journey!


Da iawn ti! Well done!

[size=10](Oh how I love such things!!! :smiley: )[/size]


Superb. Well DONE! The first time you use your Welsh, without preparation, in public, is a HUGE step… :star: :star2:

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Da iawn ti Edmund! Chuffed is the perfect English word to describe that feeling!

wedi jyffio marw perhaps, wps, sori, wrth eu bodd … :slight_smile: