Mwy Sgymraeg

Just a couple of seconds on Google Translate would have caught this one! Bois bach!
alt text
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I really rather love these. I mean, forget about Google, you’d think that the lack of the word ‘Aberystwyth’ in the ‘translated’ material might have given someone a hint that all was not entirely right.

‘Hmmm. It doesn’t say Aberystwyth in this translation. Maybe Gyfieithu is the Welsh for Aberystwyth…’


Unacceptable though this kind of careless approach to translation is, you’ve gotta wonder whether a monolingual Welsh automatic response is the best idea on a service which, by its very nature, is most likely to be used by non-Welsh speakers - especially seeing as how this kind of thing has happened before!

By contrast, I’m hoping each viral picture inspires more and more translators to make sure that their automatic responses are in Welsh only, preferably including creative additions like ‘Os dach chi’n defnyddio hyn fel y cyfieithiad ei hun ac yn cael eich tagio efo #scymraeg, dach chi’n a) haeddu popeth y gewch chi a b) yn lembo gwirion’…:slight_smile:

Fair point, that would be hilarious. OK then, translators, as you were - as long as you use Aran’s idea above :smiley:

‘Dim cyfieithiad mo hwn. Ateb awtomateg ydi hwn. Peidiwch â’i ddefnyddio, iawn, y ffwlbart?’

For any newer learners out there: What people are reacting to is that the Welsh text as the top of this leaflet doesn’t advertise the telephone hotline open-house in Aberystwyth as the leaflet’s creators intended. Instead, it reads: "“This email confirms that the document you sent for translation has been received by the Translation Unit and the details have been added to our database.” Oy.

lol. That’s actually amazing. Since that’s a student union thing, that probably means that either our Welsh Secretary (i.e. the person in charge of making sure there’s decent Welsh language provision in the university) either doesn’t care, or just doesn’t actually speak Welsh…

Thanks for the translation Diane. I was totally lost. :slight_smile:

Hector, looks like what happened is that the people creating the flyers weren’t Welsh speakers but sent it to a group that provides them with translation services and didn’t understand the email that they received in return. This sort of thing has happened before. At least it shows that they were trying to make their flyer totally bilingual, fair play to them!

Diane, I too am very grateful for the translation… there is far too much Welsh going on around here at the moment… :wink:

Good call, Diane. So that nobody misses out on Aran’s amusing idea, his suggestion reads, more or less “If you use this as the translation itself and get tagged with #sgymraeg, you a) deserve everything you get and b) are a complete idiot”. :slight_smile:

I let them know what happened; they say they’re going to make sure it doesn’t happen again. And yeah, it’s certainly good that they were trying. Everyone makes mistakes at some point.

And Aran’s second suggestion reads, again more-or-less: “This isn’t a translation. It’s an automatic reply. Don’t use it, okay, dummy?”