Music on the Cornish Course

Does anyone know what the music is that begins and ends the Cornish Course?

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No, but I wouldn’t mind knowing as well — I like it too. :grin: I hope they continue to use it as the theme when they create the next set of lessons.

I’ve pinged Mike about it and pointed him at this thread… :slight_smile:

Hi the music we use is the into to ‘Little black cat’ by Hanterhir,


Thank you Mike.

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Just found the whole track:


Brilliant Courtenay! Well done!

Here’s another link with an earlier version of the song (not as polished) and the lyrics, which are more or less unintelligible in both recordings…

And an article about the band themselves and their music: Hanterhir prove Cornish music isn’t always about folk It seems they do some of their songs in Cornish, appropriately enough. :sunglasses:

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