More South Wales advanced content?

Hi all, does anyone know if there will be any more South Wales advanced content (eg Luke Davies/Daniel Glyn) or if there is any other podcasts with transcripts available anywhere? Trying to get as much targeted listening done as possible and it’s so helpful to read the Welsh words afterwards.

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@beca-brown does the recordings for the advanced content and she lives in the North, so as you can imagine, it’s been a bit awkward getting South Walian interviews over the past year. I dare say there’ll be more once ‘normality’ returns, but only Beca can really answer that.

As for podcasts with transcriptions, I can’t help there, sorry, but maybe someone else has come across some.

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Hi there, we are in the process of marking up the Beca a’i Phobl series with De/Gog labels, but here are the numbers of some south Walian ones for you to be getting on with:






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Also, the fictional lockdown series ‘Dyddiadur Dynes Desbret’ is mixed accent. Hope this helps.

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Thanks so much, that’s great.