Modrebedd Afradlon on Memrise

Inspired by the Harri Potter course on Memrise (thanks to Steve, Louis and Bronwyn) I’ve started a course with vocab from “Modrebedd Afradlon”, on a page by page basis. It’s mostly just the words at the bottom of the pages, which makes it quite quick to do.
I presume it’s open access… haven’t read the docs, so let me know if any problems accessing it.


gave it a go, I’m not very good though :confused:

Thanks for that! I read that book a few months ago and wished I could remember all that new vocabulary- now I will be able too! Great book by the way!

Yes, I’m really enjoying it! And it’s much easier to read if you “memrise” the vocab for the page first. (Although that takes a lot longer altogether, so I don’t know if I’ll keep it up once the novelty has worn off!)

One of the Memrise courses is Welsh in the Wild (you may need to google it from outside, and there is also Welsh in the Wild 2, 3 and 4), and takes vocab from Modrybedd Afradlon, and other books as well.

We were reading about the Aunts in class last year and it was going really well for me, “I understand it! I’ve cracked this Welsh!” And then I realised I had learned the vocab from Memrise, which is, I suppose, the object of the exercise.