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Firstly to say how much I am enjoying one of my presents, the Modern Welsh Dictionary, edited by Gareth King. I can really recommend this book, and a big thank you to @garethrking for bringing the dictionary alive with snippets of real Welsh, as you do also do on this forum :slight_smile:

OK, so I stumbled on the entry “Gweud” as an option for Dweud (Say) in S Wales. I found this really interesting as I had just noticed elsewhere (The Online Etymology) that Cwæð and then Quoth were archaic English for Said. It also seemed to have equivalents in many other old European languages.

My guess is that this is yet another example of the Proto Indo-European language splitting into its many branches.


I had one of those “how did I not notice this before” moments and realise meddwl and meditate share a sound and meaning. Turns out “med” is the IPC route for “to take measure” and is the same med in medical, mediate, and gives us accommodate, commode…all sorts! Plus appears in Greek, Latin, Germanic, Sanskrit…

I never thought I’d get this excited about words!! Diolch SSiW!


Interesting what you said about “quoth”. I first came across this word when I was a kid (probably from some slightly fake archaic English in a book about King Arthur or similar) and it always stuck in my mind. Later I probably saw that it might be related to “to quote”.

Well anyway, I don’t know if you are reading Welsh yet, but when you do, you will come across the verb “meddai”, meaning “he said” or “she said”. It does have some other forms, but this form is only (I think) used in writing (at least nowadays), and I tend to think of it as a sort of Welsh version of “quoth he” or “quoth she”, except that in Welsh, it doesn’t sound archaic, whereas “quoth” definitely does.

I only mean that the meaning is similar, not that the words are related etymologically, as they are quite dissimilar. However (especially looking at Anthony’s comment), I wonder if it could be related to “meddwl”.

And yes, that dictionary edited by Gareth King is absolutely perfect for learners.


And whereas quoth is archaic, there is nothing old fashioned about quoting or quotation. Interestingly, we ask a builder for a quote and mean a price for a job! Words slowly change their meaning… I would never, now, describe a man’s shirt as ‘gay’… but the words themselves tend to last!


Yes I received this as a gift too and would also say to @garethrking that I have found that it is both fascinating (it’s hard to put it down once you’ve started looking something up - and this a dictionary we’re talking about!) and extremely useful - with the examples of usage and verb endings with variants for past, future and conditional…it’s a huge time-saver versus finding this information which tends to be covered in different sections of books or different books. It’s great.

[ The family are threatening to buy me an anorak for my birthday but I can take it. Ha. Ha. :slight_smile: ]


Exactly right!

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Thank you @JohnYoung and @rich for your kind words about my dictionary - I am so pleased that it finds friends! :slight_smile:


It’s no good, I give in. I am going to have to order one, if only to satisfy my curiosity!!! I have never met a dictionary that I cannot put down, so am now looking forward, as I say too often, with bated breath!


You know it makes sense, @henddraig :wink:


So I’m not the only one! And here’s me thinking I was really weird :slight_smile:


I also recently got that same dictionary, and I love it! The great thing about printed dictionaries is that you can just open it at any random page, and you will find something interesting and new. With all those “usage boxes”, this is even more true than with other dictionaries I am using. Diolch yn fawr am wedi sgwennu hyn, @garethrking!


It’s apparently the only dictionary in the world with a fan club!

Thank you everyone :slight_smile:


It has come! I love the bold print, perfect for aged dragons with bad eyes! I looked up a word with which i’ve had trouble since being told i must never say it because it was shocking. Having female dogs made this awkward, but i could not find gast or ast in your geiriadur!


Nobody here has said that you’re not really weird, just that they may be equally so. :slight_smile:


If you’re weird, then so am I…I’ve been know to go look up a word, and realize half an hour later that I’ve been lost exploring in the dictionary! Agree that it’s a super resource, and I think it definitely deserves a fan club! Diolch @garethrking :slight_smile: