Mobile app not downloading lessons

Hi - i recently started using SSI welsh mobile app (South Wales). In Level 1 I see “introduction” and “challenge 01” but nothing more. Even after completing “challenge 01” I don’t see any new ones?

I’m presuming I should be using this and not the “Old Course 1” material?


Have you subscribed to the course Dave? If not, that’s probably the reason. If you have subscribed, are you using the app on android or IOS? (so I know which tech pro to tag for help)

That’s probably the issue then! Is Silver the cheapest or do you have a one language only subscription?

Yes, the £10 (Silver) option is the cheapest. I think that is a one-language subscription, but I’m tagging @Stine to confirm.

thanks, Siaron!

@dave-banthorpe - yes, Silver is our ‘standard’ subscription package, which is Welsh-focused so single language. Here’s the link which explains what’s in each package now. If you’ve any questions, drop us a line at and we’ll be happy to help further. Cheers, Stine

I have some questions regarding the silver and gold membership. I dont fully understand what the following are
1 Unlimited tutor-led online video practice sessions
2. Private support channel with our accelerated learning specialists
3. One intensive online ‘Sprint Day’ per month (using our unique ‘Brain Shock’ learning method

I’ll tag @Deborah-SSi here, she’s best placed to answer this one.

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I kind of asked Deborah roughly about this a few weeks ago. I was rather hoping to hear from someone who is on the Gold membership

Hi Amanda - the video practice sessions are the same structure as the video groups in the standard membership, the private channel exists within Slack, and the Sprint Days are online intensive learning days guided by our tutors.

Having said that, it’s not certain that we’ll be keeping these layers in their current format - and am I right that you’ve recently cancelled a membership and requested a refund? We’re always entirely happy to process refunds, but it doesn’t seem like a good idea for someone who’s asked for a refund to join another paid-for course of ours.

Hi Aran,
Thank you for responding.

What I actually said was that I was thinking about cancelling.

This was because I wanted to have more speaking practice. As I was only going to be able to do the 2 sessions a week with Nia and they are quite large classes (though she handles them very well) I was concerned I wouldn’t get enough practice to get over my “rabbit in the headlights” feeling to be able to work towards becoming a Welsh speaker. Which is why I wanted to chat with another Gold membership holder

As I explained to Deborah I have a current window of opportunity whereby I am able to throw myself into learning Welsh. In a few months I wont have as much free time, so I wanted to use it as productively as possible.

Having now received my bank statement I can see that I had been charge £10 per month not £35 per month that I was expecting