Missing Lessons L2 New?

Hello. I got to L2 Lesson 23 (northern) and at the beginning of it, was told there were three more lessons but can’t see anything beyond 23 … Aran did say at the end of it ‘see you in challenge 24’. Is it just me? Diolch.

Nooo :slight_smile:

Challenge 24 and 25 are not out yet but I believe they’ll be soon but surely sooner then South version of them as we’re are waiting on Challenge 15 to come out at the moment. So, you can do nothing but wait this comes out.

Oh, and welcome to the forum!

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Diolch am eich ateb gyflym. Wna i symud ymlaen i cwrs 3 dw i’n meddwl. Hwyl am y tro :smiley:


Wel, ti’n meddwl hen Cwrs 3?

So you did Level 1 and 2 (new) and now you intend to go to Course 3 (old). Interesting choice. It might be easier for you to do this course now, yes instead of going directly from Course 2 to Course 3 (I’m speaking of the old material of course).

Hwyl am y tro :slight_smile:


Shwmae a chroeso i’r fforwm!

Just for clarification, and to add to Tatjana’s replies, if the course you’re doing is represented as “Levels”, containing “challenges”, then this is the new course, which is still being developed as we speak. So I will say llongyfarchiadau i chi for completing the new course so far, and I am certain you won’t be waiting too long for the 2 remaining challenges now. I know that @aran is already looking towards writing and producing Level 3!

If however the course is represented as “courses” containing “lessons”, then this is the old course, which is a completely different course, where the material is taught in a different order to the new course, and will probably throw you a little if you haven’t done the previous 2 “courses”.

I would recommend waiting for the new material to be made available. With the newly developed course-writing programme available, this means new material should be made available much quicker than before. In the mean time, you can always review past lessons and use the listening practices to keep your Welsh fresh in mind.

Hwyl am y tri


Thanks to you both. Dw i wedi gwneud ‘cwrs 1 a 2’ and ‘lefel 1 a 2’ ers yr haf diwetha. Hefyd dw i wedi bod yn gwneud dosbarth pellach bob bore Gwener ers Medi llynedd.
(I’m reverting to English as it is taking a long time correcting auto corrects on my iPad!!)
I think I’ll repeat a few sessions from course 2 and then go into course 3. There’s a lot of hard work going on with these lessons and challenges and I’m really enjoying them. Diolch i chi gyd at SSIW!!


Mae hynny’n iawn! Most people here are still learners so no one is expected to reply on here in Welsh (since there is no written element in the SSiW method) so there is no need to reply in Welsh. Also it is more helpful for other learners who may well have the same questions to ask if we’re responding to them on the forum in English (unless we’re enquiring about a word, phrase or sentence in Welsh!).

I didn’t realise you had completed Courses 1 and 2 of the old course as well. Well done with that! You can go on to Course 3 if you wish, but I’m sure even Aran will recommend just continuing with the new course, since course 3 was written rather quickly (the new “levels” were beginning to be developed at the time).
Whatever you decide to do, good luck with the rest of the course and I’m glad you’re enjoying it as much as we all have.


Diolch :smiley:
I’m happy as long as I’m doing something from SSiW to keep chipping away at it.