(Minor language warning) New role playing game coming out - may be interested in translation

So an indie table top role playing game I’ve been keeping my eye on for a while (named Band of Bastards) is finally entering Beta (they’re releasing one or two chapters per week, or thereabouts). While I know that not all of you would be interested in such a thing, the reason I bring it up is that the people making it have expressed an interest in having it translated into multiple languages - particularly minority languages. While I would love to do a Welsh translation for them, I don’t feel like my vocabulary is quite broad enough for the job (particularly as regards the activity of hitting things with swords) - so I thought I’d mention it here, where I know that some people are interested in geeky hobbies and might like to do it themselves.

As for why I’d even want an RPG released in Welsh - surely that’s obvious. The more Welsh language media there is, the more things people can do through the languages. And the more they can do through the language, the less likely they are to just stop using it - especially when it comes to geeky hobbies, where provision for languages other than English is rare.

Edit: Since I forgot to add a link, it is here: http://www.grandheresyforums.com


Sounds interesting. Well, I’d not be in for Cymraeg though but for Slovenian I might. However … if playing it is involved due to translate it then I’m not qute the right person as I’m not good at such iind of gaming (why this is so, you can read here). But, yah … it’s interesting stuff.

And, since we’re talking about the games, the only one I’ve encountered to be in Cymraeg is “Master Reboot” a horror game where you go through the memories of the dead, solving the puzzles hunted by the programe called Seren.exe which appears in the form of little girl … and, yah … horrific things are happening during the play with many not so pleasant surprises … You can choose whether to play it in Cymraeg or English language so those who like horrors … here you go expanding your Welsh and being horrored at the same time. The game was first released in 2013 by develpoer “Wales Interactive”. IGN rating 6.2 though.

Thanks, @tatjana! It’s always good to see someone prepared to have a good laugh at themselves!

@hectorgray I had a hair-brained scheme of translating an open-license version of Dungeons and Dragons into Welsh with a few other people. Never got off the ground though. (Mind you, talk about a niche market! I think the target audience would have been smaller than the number of people doing the translation!)

For anyone interested, the only original Welsh language stuff like this I know of were a series of “fighting fantasy” type gamebooks written by Elgan Philip Davies and published in the eighties. Anyone know of anything else?

This is not a computer game he’s talking about here. It’s a tabletop role playing game. You don’t need good hand/eye coordination for this type of game. :smile:

Ahhh, like Yo-Ghi-Oh for example - a card game, am I right? Or something similar in that matter. I confess I didn’t click the link (yet). :slight_smile: My appologies.

Ahh, sorry, there isn’t any link … It’s seen I’m kind of computer geek prepared to click everything what could be clicked. - HAHA

Didn’t @theblacksparrow mention something once before? I can’t remember what but it rings a bell.

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I couldn’t find anything searching, but that means little. Just out of interest, anyway. I did think it might be useful for younger people to have a translation of things like this, but they have changed so much since I played them I would be of little use in helping translate!

Yes, sorry, I should have added a link. I’ll just add one now to the OP - it’s at http://www.grandheresyforums.com

What a fantastic idea! I used to do LARP and there was someone who did all their spell-casting in Welsh (so no-one else would realise they were a necromancer - Several PCs had said they would kill any necromancer on site).
There was and probably still is a LARP group at Aberystwyth University, and when I was there there were a couple of Welsh speakers, maybe they would like to help with the terminology? Maybe SSiW could do a special challenge for RP? I would love to know the Welsh for such things as ‘+2 dexterity belt’ ‘quad through ice blast’.

There is indeed - there is Aberddu on Thursdays and Saturdays, and Avalon on Fridays and the occasional Sunday.

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