Mine, yours, his

I am doing the third course in Southern Welsh. Lesson 12. I have encountered “my ones”. A little more than half way through the lesson. I think this was introduced some time ago and I am having trouble remembering it correctly. Pardon my phonetic spelling, but is it somehow connected to “some” or “rhye”, so that:
Vhu rhye ee = my ones (mine)
De rhye dee = your ones (yours)
Ee rhy Vay = his ones (his)
Ee rhy hee - her…

Am I on the right track here?

You are right (course 2, lesson 22 that was), and you are on the right track!

With you (singular) and him, “rhai” is actually softened, but don’t worry about that - you’ve got it spot on!

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Diolch yn fower