Mine, yours, his etc

How do you say mine yours his hers etc in Welsh?

These are the basic forms

mine - fy un i
yours (singular/informal) - dy un di
his - ei un fo/fe
hers - ei un hi
ours - ein un ni
yours (plural/formal) - eich un chi
theirs - eu un nhw

but depending on the phrase, there are slightly different ways too. Do you have any particular phrase in mind/

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This arose over. " This one’s mine that one,s theirs", etc .

ok, so you’d get -

this one’s mine - dyma fy un i (in speech it could sound like dyma f’un i)
that one’s theirs - dyna eu un nhw

or if you want to emphasis the ‘mine’ or ‘theirs’, you can say

fy un i ydy/yw hwn/hon
eu un nhw ydy/yw hwnna/honna
(ydy is more northern, yw is more southern and hwn/hwnna is ‘this/that’ if the thing you’re referring to is masculine, hon/honna if it’s feminine)