Milton Keynes Cylch Siarad

Hi Ian, Rosemary moved to Aberystwyth to teach in the University as a professor of Cymraeg. Perhaps we met at one of her classes?

Oddi wrth,

Mal leyshon

Hi Jan I would like to a attend your Meeting tonight and siarad Cymraeg, please add me to your list,

Mal leyshon

Hi Mal, apologies for the late reply, you will be very welcome. We will look out for your. I am wearing a purple dress. Ye olde swan, woughton on the green. look forward to meeting you. All best, Jan

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Hi Mal,
Sorry you didn’t make it lat night. if you let me have your email address I can add you to our email circulation list. Otherwise, our next meeting will be on Thursday 1st June.
Cofion cynnes,

Hi Jan, sorry I did not not make it as planned. Life got in the way but I will be there next meeting. Please note my email address:
Diolch yn fawr am yr negus,

Hwyl am yr tro

Mal Leyshon

I have aready sent an email to everyone a couple of months ago.
Cofion cynnes

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Hello Mal,

Thanks for the news about Rosemary- that’s quite an achievement. If you keep in touch with her, send her my regards and tell her I’m still into Welsh.

I can’t remember any of the names of the other people in her classes - it was 30 years ago.

Hwyl fawr,


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Does this group still run?

Helo. I believe yes it does

It’s still listed in the newsletter as

Milton Keynes - first Thurs of the month, 6pm to 7.30, Ye Olde Swan, Newport Rd, Woughton-on-the-Green, MK6 3BS (Contact anncarolynjones )

but sometimes groups fall away and no one thinks to let me know … hopefully this one is still running @anncarolynjones

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Mk runs, I can confirm that

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Diolch @Cilgwri :star:

We are still running - but a bit fragile at times as we have around 5-6 regulars and a couple of people are retired and travel quite a bit, and work or other commitments get in the way for others sometimes. So if you are close enough to us and fancy a very informal conversation, please get in touch if you’d like to come! We are a mix of fluent speakers and learners.

Diolch Ann! I have quite a lot in tomorrow’s newsletter already, but I’ll make a note to promote in next week’s and see if we can encourage a few more along.

I’d love to but can’t do Thursdays very easily (and not at all until after Christmas as I’m in panto rehearsals till then). After Christmas it would depend on juggling it around with getting my daughter to dance classes in Linford Wood.

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Hello! I have been learning Welsh during Lockdown but haven’t managed to have a chat in real life yet - only on Zoom. I am wondering if this group is going to start getting back together? I run the Milton Keynes Spanish Group and we have not started back yet but will be looking to do so in the next couple of months. It would be great to even have a coffee with someone who would be prepared to have a basic chat with me. I live in Bletchley but am able to travel a reasonable distance. Many thanks in advance. James

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Hi James,
The group is still running but via Zoom. We try to meet at 6pm on the first Thursday if every month. Our meet-ups are very informal! I no longer run the group, as I no longer live in MK, but my colleague. Ann, who lives locally, does. If you’re interested in joining one of meetings or would like to talk to Ann I think her contact details are on SSiW but if you can’t get hold of her, let me know and I’ll pass your message on. Kind regards, Jan


Hi Deborah
I am not a regular on the forum and had not realised that the MK cylch siarad is still listed as the Old Swann; 6-7.30. We are still on zoom, at the moment First Thursday of each month 6-7pm. Not sure how to update but if anyone contacts me I can provide the link. Thank you so much

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@anncarolynjones it’s not currently in the list of active Post-Pandemic Meetups as I’m only adding a link there once the group is meeting face-to-face again, and I don’t list them in the newsletter any more. I just have a link there pointing to the Post-Pandemic Meetups thread so people will always get the latest information.

That old information about your Cylch Siarad is only above in this thread with a pre-Covd date, so hopefully no one will think that’s still active.

Hi - is this group still meeting? I live in Milton Keynes and am on Level 1, Challenge 17.