Message on level 1 lesson 2?

S’mae everyone. I was here about a year and a half ago going through course 1. But my schedule at the time was leaving me little free time. So I quit because I was having trouble finding time to practice. Now I have the time to devote to learning Welsh, and I have just completed the first 2 lessons of level 1 (Northern).

When you complete lesson 2 there is a message to read, but for some reason I couldn’t read the whole message. Here is the part I could read:
So, you’ve got about an hour under your belt with this - in an evening class, that would probably be just about enough for you to have learnt how to say what your name is, and that you’re pleased to meet someone! You can already produce far, far more than that, though. The key point at this stage is NOT TO WORRY if it doesn’t all feel under control. Language is almost never under control - you need to be ready to play with it, to make mistakes (remember how much we love mistakes?!), and to give yourself a pat on the back or a bottle of vodka every time you manage to communicate more or less what you wanted…:slight_smile: It may sound mildly terrifying, but now would actually be a brilliant time for you to start looking for a practice partner on the forum, and planning a weekly ‘3 minute swap’, where you say whatever you can think of in Welsh

could someone please tell me what the rest of the message says?

Shw mae!

Help on the way it is:

for 3 minutes, and then your partner does the same. People who do this see a huge difference in their ability and their confidence.

This is the rest of the text from the message. Not much more to read as you see.

That you can’t see the message to the end it’s probably due to too low resolution of your screen or you have Internet pages too magnified (tis is at my case also). When you decrees the percentage of how pages should be shown the message comes to the view clearly.

If you’re using Google Chrome the magnify/reduce bar is here:

For other browsers I should explore a bit as I practically don’t use them but the case is the same just location of the tabs/buttons to mganify/decrease is somewhere else. :slight_smile:

Happy learning.

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Ah, Diolch tatjana. Yes, when I reduced magnification of the screen I could see the rest of it.

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Welcome back!

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diolch craig

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