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Online Welsh conversation opportunity for confident ‘new speakers’:

Free monthly exercises, cuppa and chat for 75+

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Taith Cerdded Belle Vue - August 20

Tara Bethan is an incredibly talented person! Not only is she a great actor, but she sings and also teaches yoga! Here’s a chance to join in a series of yoga classes through Zoom with Tara:

And who can spot the spelling mistake in the poster? :smile:

Would it be that there’s an extra ‘s’ in sesiwn?

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Looks like @SteakAndEggs are good for the eyesight :joy:

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Bore Coffi | Coffee Morning - Casnewydd | Newport, Gwent

I had the pleasure of a free Ioga sessiwn (!) with Tara during Cwrs Haf with Coleg Gwent. Thoroughly enjoyed it and can totally recommend!

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Helo Tara,
Is the online yoga course suitable for learners? I’m at Canolradd Lefel 2 and have been learning on and off for 9 years. Diolch yn fawr iawn.

Hi @janjones_1, Tara won’t see your question here on the forum. You’ll need to contact Bethan Jones of Menter Caerffili to find out what the level is likely to be. The contact details are on the poster.