Melbourne SSIWers?

Shwmae pawb!

Since spending six weeks of daily conversations in Cymraeg, I feel like I’m going to miss having face to face group meet ups. So I was wondering - are there any learners in or around the Melbourne area who’d like to meet regularly?



@elizabeth_jane will be able to open the doors to a lot of Melbourne Welsh connections, when she’s next online… :sunny:


Hi Karla,

We have Welsh classes Tuesday nights 7pm at the Celtic Club in Melbourne, using SSiW as our official course. The classes follow the school term. A group of us generally stay on for a drink in the bar afterwards. I will be back in Oz on the 10th and expect to be back at class the following week. Private message me and I can give you an email contact. Otherwise, it is fine to just turn up. We also have a monthly Skype chat which I believe has been running in my absence.


Diolch. I do remember you saying that on my other thread now…jetlag has turned my brain into a sieve at the moment - sorry for sounding like a broken record!

Hi Karla,

I’ve tried replying to the link via the email I received but it’s telling me I don’t have access to that topic. Welsh class will be meeting next week. 7 o’clock at the Celtic Club in Melbourne. It will be my first week back. See you there!



I am interested in meeting up with people to talk face to face in welsh. I am a beginner. I live and work in Gembrook which is in the Dandenong Ranges about 25 minutes outside Melbourne to the East. I can’t get to the city Welsh class at the Celtic Club. Happy to commit to regular class or more informal thing or whatever people want to try more this side of town.

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Shwmae Stevo,

It would be great to catch up with another Aussie learner! Unfortunately, I live in Melbourne’s inner north, so it would be a stretch for me to get out to the Dandenongs. Perhaps we could meet halfway somewhere?

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dydd da Karla

I am aiming to go to the welsh language service at the Welsh Church in the city on Easter Sunday (27 Mawrth). Its at 2.30. Happy to meet up before or after in inner north or CBD? If convenient. Havnt got anywhere in mind, unless meeting at the church is an option? or a cafe nearer to you side.

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Shwmae Stevo,

Unfortunately I’ll have family commitments on Easter Sunday - coming from an Italian family, I don’t think I’d be allowed to get away on pain of death. However…if you’re happy to stick around in the city, I may be able to get out of being there in the evening - I’ll have to get back to you on that. :smile:

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If we’re looking for somewhere halfway between the inner north and Gembrook, I’m based in Glen Waverley and I wouldn’t mind giving this a go. I could meet up with people on weekends, or weekdays in the CBD as that’s where I work.

I’ve gone all the way through SSIW (northern) but am definitely a beginner when it comes to having actual conversations in Welsh, so I might be a bit of a mixed bag, but happy to give it a shot and see what happens if people are interested.

I’m in the city a few times a week - I’m sure we could organise something. I speak southern, but I don’t have much of a problem with the northern dialect. I’ve done all the courses also. PM me if you want to organise something after Easter.

Hi Alex,

Are you on Facebook? A group of Melbourne Welsh speakers have just started up a monthly catch up. These may move around to make them more accessible. The next one is 22 April, 6.30 at the Irish Times Pub, 427 Little Collins Street. Private message me with contact details - Facebook or email and I’ll send your details to the organisers.

Also, we have classes every Tuesday in the Celtic Club (during school terms). If you are ready to speak you could be slotted into the same group as Karla. At this stage I am facilitating that group. I have only had one lesson since getting back and I’m still a little disorganised but I plan to include lots of speaking practise. As people are at different stages in the SSiW journey it probably doesn’t matter at this stage whether you come and go as you are able - for example you would not have to commit to every week. We have a drink in the bar afterwards and there is plenty of Welsh spoken.

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Hullo, rdw i’n byw yn Vermont. Rdw i’n ddim gallu mynd i’r Celtic Club hefyd. Ond rdw 'n wedi meddwl i darllen yn yr email Dee hnnw 'na bod facebook group … ydy e? Esgdwch fy Gymraeg, mae hi’n gwaith hiraeth! David …

Welcome to the forum, David! We usually use English here so that all our learners, at whatever stage, can take part and get to know each other… :sunny:

If you’re looking for the SSiW Facebook group (although the forum is our main community!) it’s here:


I was a member of this forum some time ago but I can’t seem to log in as I used to. I thought I’d read that there was a facebook group in Melbourne … that was all …

Might you have used a different email address? Give me a clue and I’ll try and look it up for you… :sunny:

@elizabeth_jane will be able to let you know about the Melbourne FB group - if you click on her username you can send her a private message… :sunny:

Hi David,

Not a Facebook groups as such. Although there are the Melbourne Welsh and Welsh downunder groups. However we have started having monthly Welsh chats and they are generally advertised on Facebook. If you friend me - Elizabeth Jane Corbett - and I can send your details to Ceri who is organising them.

Incidentally, I used to live in Vermont. We had a guy from Gembrook and a guy from Glenwaverly enquire recently. I think Karla was thinking of meeting up with the guy from Glenwaverly. They chatted about it in another strand. It may be worth sending her a private message.

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I am aiming to be in the inner city over the next two Sundays. This Sunday i am at the West Papuan Embassy Docklands - happy to meet up after that mid arvo? My daughter suggested Mantra Lounge in Gratton Street Carlton may suit a first meet up, northern suburbs way? Also at Welsh Church service Sunday 10th April - could meet up first in Carlton area as i’m in Drummond St Carlton from noon and have time to spare (or city). Happy to hear contact from Glen Waverly and Vermont - would anyone else here like to suggest an eastern suburbs meet - not my usual stamping ground so have no suggestions of place. Would like to warn people i am very much a beginner, and all 3 posted so far on this wouls be able to talk better.


I’ll be in the city on Sunday the 10th for the 3 o’clock footy game, and I’d be happy to go in a bit earlier to meet up with anyone who wants to speak a little Welsh :slight_smile:

Shwmae Stevo,

Unfortunately Sunday’s are a little awkward for me - I don’t think I’ll be able to make it. Sorry about that.

And don’t worry about being a beginner - we all have to start somewhere! :smile: