Meetups in Llanelli

Sut mae!
Hoffen I gael sgwrs yn cymraeg gyda pobl arall sy’n dysgu trwy app yma. Dos dim llawer o cyfle I fi ymarfer siarad gyda pobl arall chwaith.
Oes ti’n byw yn Llanelli ac yn moyn cwrdd lan, ateb y neges a fwydden ni’n gweld beth gallu ni’n gnaid biti fe.
Mae’n ddrwg da fi am de cymraeg ond, dw i’n trio a ‘na beth sy’n pwysig, on’ dw’ e!!!
Hwyl am y tro!
Oddiwrth, Al. x
Ps, dw i’n gweithio shifts felly bydda fe ddim yn ( rwdd)?? i fi ond, hoffen i drio.


@Deborah-SSi - maybe one for the email? :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum, Ali! Your Welsh is going excellently - congratulations! In fact, we usually juggle the slightly odd approach of encouraging people to stay in Welsh in actual conversations, but to use English on the forum (so that even the earliest stage learners feel they can follow everything)… :slight_smile:

Hi @aliC!

Welcome to the forum! Checking the list at the end of the weekly email (have you registered to receive it?), we don’t have anything going in Llanelli yet, but I’ll ask in next Tuesday’s email and see if anyone pops up. It would be great to have a little SSiW group meeting up there.


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Also, it’s wel worth getting in touch with Y Lle, Llanelli, where there are Welsh activities on a fairly regular basis,

Do you fancy joining a Ukelele orchestra? :astonished:


Ger Llanelli

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