Meetup in SE or Central London

Is anyone interested in trying to get a meetup going in either South East or Central London ?

Richard (SE24)

@Deborah-SSi - one for the email? :slight_smile:

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Yes I would potentially be interested. I live in SE22.

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I would also be interested!

Se13 here but I haven’t done much Welsh in a long time and certainly don’t have enough to hold a conversation. You ppl ever been to the Welsh centre in London ?

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Just up the road - should be doable.

Where are you based ?

Level shouldn’t be a problem

Sw20, but work very near to Greys Inn Road, where the Welsh Centre is

Well, I’m pretty swamped with work but if you get to meet up let me know! :blush:

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This would be fun. If I can find space in my busy diary…

I would be interested in a central London meet up occasionally, work permitting.

Chrisyate , where are you based ?

It looks as if we should be able to muster a quorum.
Could everyone contact me at or on Skype Richard636363 and I will attempt to organise something.


Os dach chi eisiau ymarfer eich Cymraeg, dewch i Ganolfan Cymry Llundain.
Mae dosbarthiadau Cymraeg yno bob wythnos ac bydd criw ohonon ni yn cwrdd yn y bar ar ol y dosbarthiadau ar nos Iau.

Don’t forget the Welsh classes in the London Welsh Centre and the group of learners and Welsh speakers that meet in the bar after classes on a Thursday evening.

Ebostiwch fi ar


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Soooooo late replying, Richard – I’m sorry! I’m in East Grinstead.