Meetup at Betws - message for Jenny Roberts

Message for Jenny Roberts. I can’t seem to contact the originator - Jenny Roberts.

What happened when you tried to email her? :slight_smile:

I got “bad destination mailbox address”. I had emailed her previously in response to the original question but, clearly I should have come through the Forum this time.

It’s hard for us to keep up to date with group organisers if they change details (like email addresses or who is the point of contact) without letting us know… it may mean that the group isn’t still going, or it may be a short term hiccup - hard to know… fingers crossed she or someone who knows her sees this…

@Deborah-SSi - maybe one for the email, in case that helps? :slight_smile:

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Well just in case this thread is for @jennyroberts

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She was on the forum only last month, trying to get a meetup going in Betws. I’ve sent her a PM saying that @harvey_fudge is still interested. As far as I know that meetup hasn’t started yet. It’s still at the “who’s interested? where shall we meet?” stage.

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Helo Dee.
Is this prospective group up and running soon?
Dw i’n nabod rhywun sy’n byw tu allan i Lanrwst fasa wrth ei bodd ymuno! A fyddai’! bosib i mi gysylltu efo’r trefnydd yn uniongyrchol plîs?

Helo Nora,

Dw i ddim yn gwybod mwy na sgwennodd Jenny yma Meet up Betws-y-Coed/Llanrwst ond falle os ti’n hala PM ati, bydd hi’n ateb.

Pob lwc,

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