Meeting welsh speakers in Milton Keynes

I am struggling to to get through SSIW 1st level and would love to coverse with a Welsh speaker. The latest email tells me about an MK group led by janjones_1 but how do I contact her?
PS I think SSIW is a briliant idea

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You can contact her by sending a PM (personal message) - if you click on your own icon at the top right (yours might be arranged slighlty differently of course) of the forum page, and then on the email symbol you should see a box labelled ‘New message’ - click on this which brings up a message form and start typing ‘janjones_1’, select the icon for janjones_1 when it appears and carry on and type your message.

Alternatively, when posting to the forum you can type @janjones_1 - that autuomatically creates an alert which which she’ll see (so she’ll see this one!) - hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, that is very helpful

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