Meet-ups in Wrexham county


I am completely out of the loop at the moment, after having started 2 new jobs (one of which is with Wrexham Music Service - yay!) and am really missing learning Welsh, though I’m very much a beginner! It doesn’t help that one of my schools is Welsh medium and many of the other schools I teach at function predominantly in Welsh… So I’m itching to learn more!

I am trying to find practice partners in Wrexham county but I keep getting stuck in a loop on the website trying to find groups which may already exist… Could any of you lovely SSiWers help me out? I would be very very grateful indeed!!

Diolch yn fawr!
Siân :smiley:

Hi Siân, I know that Geraint and possibly others go along to the Saith Seren in Wrexham, Monday nights I think. Hopefully he’ll pop in before too long and give you all the info.

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Diolch, Dee!
It would be so lovely to find out and connect! Thank you for your response!

There is a monthly Sunday morning gathering at the Ramada Hotel and a monthly Saturday morning chat session af Bellis garden centre Holt which is close to Wrexham.

The chat session at Bellis’ starts at 10.00 am. I go, and it is a really friendly group. Would be lovely to see you. Always the first Saturday in the month. Please come along it would be great to see you!

Diolch yn fawr!

I would love to come along! I can’t do Sundays, but Saturdays are great! I am a complete beginner, so will probably sit in silence/awe/confusion much of the time (would that be ok?) BUT immersion is the way forward, right? Hopefully it will really help my Welsh and I will get to meet a wonderful group of Welsh-speakers!

I really appreciate your comments on this thread… I can’t wait until more and more of the conversation is in Welsh!
Pob hwyl!

Sian, we meet in the garden centre cafe. Usually at a table at the back of the cafe. Ro, corndolly on the forum, has a red dragon on the table so you can find us. The first half hour or so is for complete beginners and Ro brings along some games etc to help the conversation flow. Dont worry at all, we kind of use a pigeon form of welsh. Lots of hand waving, scratching of the head and english interspersed into what we are saying. If you PM me i will send you my mobile number. You can ring me when you arrive and I can wave manically!!!

This sounds wonderful - I am really excited and pleased to be able to come along! I will probably drag my other half (Wrexham born-and-bred) along with me so we can both start off on the same footing! Thanks ever so much - will pm you now. :slight_smile:

Hi, I’ve also been looking for a group to attend. We moved from Warwickshire last year to north Shropshire. I’ve been doing some of the online lessons but wanted to join a group to get more confidence. My Welsh vocabulary is very limited but if love to come along to the Saturday meeting as well. I’ve checked on Google maps and its about half an hour away…so perfect. Would you mind?

Hi Niki, If you are talking about The Bellis’ Garden Centre Group I am afraid you have missed it for this month as it is the first Saturday of the month, so the next is first Saturday in November.

It is not my group but everyone is welcome, there were over 20 of us this yesterday; of all abilities from advanced to beginner. It was very relaxed and we had a good couple of hours chat. Of course, sitting in silence is an option, but you will quickly find you know loads more than you think. 1000 until 1030 is ‘loosely’ for beginners but the group is really friendly so the distinction doesn’t really come into play much.

Same offer as for Sian, if you want to come along PM me and I will send you my phone number and you can call me when you arrive. :smiley:

Hi Siân and Niki, sorry for the slow reply. There are a few get togethers in and around Wrecsam including the one A-Jay mentioned and also the one I go to in Y Saith Seren every Monday night from about 7:30 onwards. Everyone is more than welcome to pop along, it is very informal and welcoming.