Meet Up Messages?

Anyone know if I can send out personal messages on here to just a few people? Like a Facebook message? Or do I just write a regular post and tag people that I specifically want, like @sarahevansmayo?

Diolch, Sarah

Hello first.

Here are the instructions on How to send Personal Message (PM)

You might also find the whole topic This forum - How to … & similar things where there are quite some “how to” instructions regarding this forum and the topic Really useful ‘How to’ stuff and other great posts, which gives you the list of some other useful stuff, quite helpful and instructive too.

Hwyl! :slight_smile:


If you go onto messages (through your top right profile picture while you are on the forum, as it were, if that makes sense) you can write a message and add whoever you want to it to receive it, I’m sure @tatjana would explain it better!

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Ooh! She just did! :blush:

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Yes, but sending New Years PM to some people taught me something more and it’s how to additionally “invite” other people to the “conversation” so I’ll go and a bit edit that message to add this into the mix. :slight_smile:


Sorry, still not getting it. Is there a way to find a list of all the users so I can pick who I want to write to. Saw that there are 7 other people in the Houston area and I want to write them personally. Diolch!

Here you go!

Click on “User” tab takes you to the wonderland of members … - hehe and there you can either search for the members you need or you just cruise around to see who they are etc. …

Just for the fun of it, here you have some magic of Members list you can play with.

PM can be sent from here as I’ve described in the topic, too.

So … (hopefully) now you know it all. :slight_smile:


Thank you!! Really appreciate it. xo