Meet up in the Mochin Du Monday Evenings

This is a message for Alison. I would like to come along to the Mochin Du on Monday evenings to practise my welsh. I am not able to come for 2 weeks but would love to join you, if that is possible. I am not sure what I need to do. Should I turn up in 2 week’s time, or should I wait to hear from you? I would appreciate it if you could let me know if I can come along and if I need to bring anything with me. Thank you Alison. My name is Julie

Ashley, Phil and I are meeting there tonight. Unfortunately Phil and I won’t be there on 30th June, which will probably be when you go the first time. I will see if Ashley will be able to go then. You don’t need to bring anything, unless you would find it easier to have something to talk about. Phil and Ashley usually spend some of the time talking about Science, but I know nothing about that so if there is someone else there I will be happy to talk about anything else!

Thank you Alison. I will pop along on the 30th June and see what happens! I am well impressed that there is a conversation about science taking place in WELSH, I feel out of my depth already!! Although, I am prepared to make a fool of m self, in fact I’m very good at this!!!

I intend to start coming to Y Mochyn Du in future. (work permitting)

When do people normally start to arrive and how long do they stay. - If I’m working late (depending on the parking situation ) I might be able to drop in between 9 and 10pm