Meet up in Leicestershire?

Is there anyone here from the Leicestershire area that would be interested in a meet up?

I live in the centre, but can travel. Only been doing this a few months, but would love some speaking practice.



@Deborah-SSi :slight_smile:

[That’s me suggesting that Dee might put this in the next weekly email, rather than that she herself lives in Leicestershire…;-)]

If you get it going, could you ask people to sign the petition for decent funding for S4C?

Hi Paul,

I live about 6 miles outside Leicester centre but would be interested in practising Welsh.

I started to learn years ago but then lost the impetus to carry on as there were no Welsh speakers
to chat with.

I can travel - anywhere where there is car parking available . ( our public transport is appaling where we live)

Let me know what develops.
Probably best to use my e mail address for contact thanks


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If you get something set up, @carolepietras please advertise the fact that I’m still looking for more signatures for the petition for S4C finance!
Diolch yn fawr iawn a Nadolig Llawen!
Link is:

Paul, it’s not Leicestershire, but we’re not far by motorway or train. Derby Welsh Learners Circle meet monthly at Derby Friends Meeting house. Our dates and times are on our website or email us via we run 3 groups within the session beginners, intermediate and advanced. We have 15 to 20 people present normally. We also have a Facebook group Menter Iaith Lloegr. You would be most welcome.

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