Meet-up in Gloucester/Cwrth yng Ngaerloyw

A message for Dee; You had previously kindly changed the meet-up details for Gloucester to the 2nd Wednesday of each month (which is still correct) but in the latest bulletin it has accidentally reverted to the 2nd Tuesday (which is incorrect). I would be grateful if this could be re-corrected for the next one.
Incidentally, for anyone thinking of coming, we are lucky to have two native speakers from Sir Gar in regular attendance and with Chwerch X served at the bar: what could be better?


@Deborah-SSi :sunny:

Thanks Nic. Though I’ve just gone into the email to change it and it definitely said “2nd Weds” in my version last week. I’m not sure how you got “2nd Tues” unless you’re looking at an old email?

Great to have a couple of first language speakers along to give you a hand. Chwarae teg iddyn nhw! :star2:

Dee, you’re absolutely right, I was looking at an old one for some reason - I apologise unreservedly and will retire from political life to spend more time yn yr ardd! Nic

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Dim problem o gwbl Nic! Glad to know I’m not combatting senility just yet :wink:

Am Un Nos dimont! For reasons too mundane to explain, we are holding the Gloucester/Caerloyw monthly meeting a week early this month: on Wednesday 6th May instead of the 13th. After that it will revert to the second Mercher of the mis. Hwy., Nic

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Just a note to say that the monthly meetings in Gloucester, are still on the second Wednesday evenings of each month at the England’s Glory pub in London Road, but we are changing the starting time from 8pm to 7.30pm. Perhaps Dee would kindly note this on the next bulletin. We have a small, regular core of fluent Welsh speakers and learners, but would welcome any new members.
Diolch yn fawr iawn,

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