Meet up in Exeter

A few of us meet in the Phoenix arts Centre bar at 7.15 ish on alternate Mondays. We are meeting this Monday 1st September and would love to meet new learners. We are a mixture of course 1/2 and North/South so everyone welcome.

Thank you very much for sharing this…:star:

I know if I suggest it for the newsletter, it’ll turn out that Dee is ahead of me and it’s already in there…:wink:

Yes it is in the email letter - problem is there is only a few of us and then most times only one or two can make it.

Too late for tonight but I’ll put a plug in the newsletter and see if we can rustle up a few more. They’re probably just shy and need a bit more encouragement :smile:

Thanks Dee. We meet fortnightly so the next one would be 15th September.