Meet up in Bristol

Helô pawb - Dim ond nodyn i’ch atgoffa am ein sgwrs Cymraeg sy’n digwydd dydd Mawrth nesa, 7.30 Ffatri Tybaco. Pobl arall croeso!

Hi folks - just a reminder that our next Welsh Chat in Bristol will be next Tuesday (14th December), 7.30 at the Tobacco Factory in Southville. More folk very welcome!

Folks - I think in light of the latest covid news we had better be sensible and cancel for next Tuesday. Let’s leave January open at the moment.

Bechod! Mae’n ddrwg gen i, ond dan ni angen bod sensible! Dim sgwrs Cymraeg dydd Mawrth nesa!!


Hi Deborah - in light of the current covid situation and our families we have cancelled our December Bristol sgwrs Cymraeg for next week. I have put a notice in the Forum and also let the three who attend regularly know. Here’s to better 2022! God bless. P.

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Hi, is this group meeting any time soon? I’d like to come along. Diolch!

I haven’t had notification of the Bristol group starting up again yet, but if you look at the list of active meetups that I know about on Post-Pandemic Meetups perhaps there will be something suitable for you there?

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Hi Will,
When there are enough of us, we meet at the Tobacco Factory on the second Tuesday of the month, which is today.
So far, no-one has said that they’re going tonight.
I’m happy to, provided that at least one other person says so in time.

Failing that, the next scheduled meet-up is Tuesday 8th March.

I’ve added Bristol to the main list now and linked to here :slight_smile:


The next meetup is at 7:30pm 8th March at the Tobacco Factory in Southville, Bristol.
The group is in danger of fizzling out so please, if you were thinking of joining us, please post here to say that you’re coming to encourage others to do the same.
I’ll be there. I’ll leave a very Welsh looking book on the table so that you’ll know you’ve found us.

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Since no-one has said that they’re attending, then I’m not going either.

Any suggestions for a different venue and time would be welcome.

@beca-brown rhywbeth ar gyfer y cylchlythyr wythnos nesa - something for the newsletter next week

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Helo Paul,

I live in Exeter in Devon, not so far away. I could maybe attend occasionally if the meetups were on a weekend day. Plus, there is a possibility that I could be staying in Bristol over the summer and would be able to attend some meetups then.


Hi Kevin

Sorry for the late reply.
On the subject of regular meet ups, I can’t do weekends perhaps other people can?

When you are in Bristol, if there aren’t any suitable meetups, then please post
something to this Topic/thread to see if there is interest in an impromptu meetup.

Also, you might already know about the North Bristol meetups in Thornbury (M5 j16)
although they meet on the 4th Tuesday of the month in the afternoon.



Is anyone interested in a meetup on Tuesday 12th April at 7:30pm?
For the venue, I suggest the Beaufort Arms, Stoke Gifford; it’s near Bristol
Parkway Station and 73, M1 and Y6 bus routes are nearby and it has a car park.
Or, does anyone else want to suggest a venue?


Hi Paul, sounds great. I’ll be there

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Hi George,
I can’t make it after all. Sorry!!! I’ve just checked and found out that there’s no way I can get back in time from a family commitment.

Regards and apologies,

Hi Paul, no worries. See you next time

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Is anyone interested in a meet-up to practise speaking Welsh on Tuesday 10th May at 7:30pm at the Beaufort Arms, Stoke Gifford? It’s near Bristol Parkway Station. Bus stops for routes 73, M1 and Y6 are nearby and it has a car park.
Alternative suggestions are welcome - it would be nice to get this meet-up going again.

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Hi Paul, sorry for the very last minute reply. Is this still going ahead this evening? If so, I would love to come along

Hi George, yes, if you’re happy that it’s only the two of us so far.
If anyone else wants to come along, please say so and I’ll bring a welsh-looking book to put on the table so that you can find us.

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Great! I’ll see you there