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Long and happy story was this going back in 2009 when there was the first British and Irish Lions Tour (to South Africa) I’ve ever followed. I was one of the admins of one English teenagers forum which mostly dealt with games and gaming but also LEGO matters and as teens always have so many things to chat about and they were all from UK the subject was rugby too. It actually became asade of gaming the main discussion subject in time but not in 2009 yet. Admins went to holidays and I was all alone among members who had to do admin stuff and post all what’s new in fields of discussions and that time Lions tour, aside of E3 Gaming conference was one of the main news to be reported about. I was practically forced to learn all about rugby and happenings in few days so exploaring and learning began immediatelly and had to be swift as lightening because I didn’t want to be one of those admins who are not willing to do the work if they feel they can’t do. And besides I had to put something in our video news we’ve broadcasted regularly every week on YouTube that time too. So this was mainly the beginning of “meeting” with rugby at all. It was superb to follow the tour and the fact that so many Cymraeg players (who I slowly got the knowledge of where they play in Clubs) are in the squad amazed me in deed.

I didn’t konw where to get live streams on Internet at that time yet so I relied to pictures which were posted, Internet search and Lions page which offered me quite amount of informations I could use. Nope, I didn’t watch ever rugby before so the knowledge about how great and noble this sport is, came later on. So this is basically it about rugby.

Becomming a fan of Cymraeg team came later on when I started to really follow all happenings in 6 Nations, Amlin’s Cup (at that time) when Cardiff Blues won the title, and similar stuff. I’ve started to know who and how good some players are and started to follow some of them more carefully alikes of North who was rising star that time, Shane Williams, Jamie Roberts and later on Sam Warburton … Halfpenny came later on and amazed me with his superbly accurate kick (if he misses one I tend to say this one missed is for good luck) :slight_smile:

A friend on the forum I was admin at, told me Slovenia is also not so bad in World ranking. We were 72nd place at the time and I started to follow our guys. I’ve shared on social media every single thing happening in Slovenian rugby and tend to tell to my foreign friends that we play rugby in our country too and we are better and better in doing this. Exactly today I’m going to decider match inbetween Slovenia and Luxemburg which, if we win, drives us in higher rank of competition. Having brothers (5 of them) Skofič who play in their own club in England, aboard and kiwi coach as head coach it looks like we can win this one. So, we’re becomming better and better, yes.

I only go to watch Slovenian team matches if they’re on home ground and never was to any World Cup but monitorred that one in 2011 carefully. Maybe one day I’d be on one of those big matches watching Cymraeg team aswell, who knows.

As I said winning Grand Slam in 2012 by Cymru was my vow to team to learn Cymraeg but that was not the start of learning. The deceision was made earlier when I wanted to listen to commentary of one rugby match and it was available only in Cymraeg. Saying “I have to learn Welsh if I’m allowed only Welsh comentaries to listen too (due to geo-restrictions on Internet) I just have to learn the language” and so it began.

I found SSiW once before but about 3 years ago Dave Rogers reminded me how great this page and community is and how great is learning here so I gave it another try what made me stay and loving Cymraeg even more.

So this is it. The novel is written. - LOL :slight_smile:


Thanks! I’ve sent you a private reply!

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