Manon Steffan Ros in Saith Seren, Wrexham

Lovely cheerful subjects you have been coming across lately!

Helps when watching Y Gwyll. :slight_smile:

You may not have been watching it at the time, but a character in “Rownd a Rownd” was once on trial for having deliberately set fire to her own caravan. Everyone knew she was guilty and it was hoped/expected she would plead guilty to get things over and done with. To everyone’s surprise and shock she pleaded:

“Dim Euog”.

So that’s one Welsh legalism I can usually remember.

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Come along to see Manon Steffan Ros next Monday night. It’ll be dead good like.

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Please make this the time you bite the bullet, come out and make the most of the night. If you are a little shy you can walk in and come and find me and we’ll sit and chat for a while.


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Spot On!

I would definitely be coming if I wasn’t 150 miles away in Newport (Casnewydd) today with the family…

I really wanted to come to see Gwybdaith Hen Frân on Friday too, but we were “yn ôl ar y fordd” already by then!

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Sound check, get down here, it’s all about to start … come and join me in the mosh pit.

Well, I’m happy with that, such a good night. Not much else to say, hopefully we can get Manon back for another night in the future.

And that’s one of the roughest mosh pits I’ve ever been in. (joke)

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She didn’t do that Napalm Death cover again did she?

Always causes problems in the pit, that one… :laughing:


Seeing as it was I who suggested to the group that we ask Manon, and I who actually asked Manon to do a gig for us it was I who was “volunteered” to do the introduction at the beginning of the evening. Great, public speaking, wonderful. So I wrote a little introduction on a piece of paper then thought I could do something a little different so I decided to write this:

Dwi’n yma i gynrychioli Clwb Clebran
i rhoi diolch i Manon am cymryd rhan
yn ein noson adloniant ar eich gyfer chi
a gobeithio bydd y noson llawn hwyl a sbri

Mae Manon 'di bod yn 'sgwennu ers amser maith
ac yn ennill gwobrau mawr ar gyfer ei gwaith
Mae hi’n yma i ganu 'chydig o ganeuon
a chadwch eich sylw trwy adrodd rhai straeon

Felly prynwch eich diodydd ac eisteddwch i lawr
a mwynhewch y noson efo seren fawr …
pan mae’n dod i 'sgwennu llyfrau hi ydy’r bos
felly rhoi eich croeso i Manon Steffan Ros!

Full of errors but it flows and it went down well. Not bad for 10 minutes work. :joy:


I don’t know whether you heard, but someone texted in to Radio Cymru this morning to thank you (and someone else, Judith possibly) for organising such a great night. Da iawn! :slight_smile:


Brilliant, thanks for letting me know Rob . :blush:


Fabulous poem Geraint! I loved it. :slight_smile:


Really enjoyed the evening. Sorry I couldn’t hang around at the end to say hi (dog in car etc)

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I didn’t even see you there John, I didn’t hang around either, I was home by 9:20.