Manchester Welsh and Spanish Meet up October

I’ve started this as a new topic as there are now 2 SSI meet ups in Manchester happening on the 3rd Saturday of each month…Welsh and Spanish! I believe there could be a few newcomers this time for the Spanish group and the Welsh group is usually well attended. We may shortly be taking over the whole of the gallery cafe :smile:

The next meeting is this coming Saturday 19th September 2015, 10.30 onwards although I usually aim to be there from 10ish, at Manchester Art Gallery Cafe

All welcome as always, whatever the level of your Welsh or Spanish. Look forward to seeing people there. :slight_smile:


That sounds like so much fun! I’ll have to keep an eye out for Arriva Club 55 fares then I could have an outing to Manchester and join in!


It would be lovely to meet you one of these days Dee :smile:

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Saturday 17th October 10.30 onwards!

Just the usual monthly reminder about the SSI chat group in Manchester. Welsh and Spanish now on the go. All welcome.
Usual time and place - see thread for details. Hope to see you there. :smile: