Machynlleth Comedy Festival 2015

Here are details of the Welsh language shows at the Machynlleth Comedy Festival 2015

(There may be others that I have missed, so check out the website for the full listings)

Please don’t consider this list an endorsement or recommendation. But if you are thinking about visiting the festival spare a thought for the Welsh language shows where I, as a steward, have personally been twenty five percent of the audience.

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Not Welsh, but Bridget Christie (Stuart Lee’s wife) is also appearing I believe. I’ve heard her on Radio 4 and she’s very funny too.

There are loads of top comedians appearing, including Bridget Christie, not to mention the husband of Stewart Lee’s wife himself

Why not search in the various app stores for machynlleth and download a top notch listings app…

Tudur Owen, Daniel Glyn and Elis James are all very funny.

Comedy is one of the most difficult things to ‘get’ in one’s second language, I would say. Not only are there subtle plays on words that you need a good deal of vocabulary and experience for, there are also cultural references that only living through the language for some time can get you close to.

Nevertheless, on the positive side ‘getting’ a joke in a language you’re not 100% confident with is somehow 10 times funnier than getting a joke in your first language. I don’t know whether it’s a sense of achievement at understanding something complex, or joy at opening a window onto a previously undiscovered world, or just relief that you’re not wasting your time, but it’s worth it!


Sounds to me like a trip to Machynlleth would suit you down to the ground…

As an added bonus, it’s such a small place and everything shuts down at twenty past seven, so you will bump into them in the bar afterwards…

I’d be there, but unfortunately it clashes with the Super Furries in Cardiff. :smile:

Here’s what looks to be the full list of Comedi yn y gymraeg…


Next year I’ll make sure I’m around for that!