Machynlleth and The Dovey Valley Hotel

Menter Iaith Maldwyn has organised a couple of events where people can come along to socialise, chat, and learn a little more about SSiW and they’ve invited me to join them.

It would be great to get to meet as many of you as possible if you can make it along.


Hi @Deborah-SSi I saw this and wasn’t sure who it was aimed at, learners considering SSIW or fluent speakers to encourage them to support learners?

To be honest, I’m not 100% sure myself - a bit of both I think. I’m prepared to be flexible and address the questions of whoever shows up. If it’s a chance to promote learning Welsh and SSiW, I tend to say ‘yes’ before I know much about it :smile:

It would be great to meet as many SSiWers as possible though!

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Unfortunately I have a welsh class that night, but I will try and mobilise as many as possible.


I’m staying overnight somewhere … with someone … so there might be a chance for a coffee with others in the morning before I head home. I’ll try to get a bit more information from Nia, then I’ll know more.

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I can’t make it, unfortunately, Dee, but good luck in your continuing promo work. (You might even get some takers for Esperanto :wink:)

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How did it go yesterday?

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